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I am so excited to bring you this interview today! As part of Utah Book Month, I got to interview Angela, from Angela's Anxious Life. Angela loves books, movies, comics, video games, and is huge Stephen King fan. Read her interview, then check out her blog and send her some love!

Are you a current resident of Utah? How long have you lived in Utah? If you aren't a current resident, where are you now?
I do not live in Utah anymore.  I lived in Utah from 2003-2005.  My parents still live in Utah though so I go there usually about twice a year. I love Utah so much.. I think it is a beautiful state. I usually go to a lot of nature spots when I go to visit including Antelope Island and Farmington Bay. I am in Colorado now so I live right next door to Utah.

As a book blogger, what do you like most about bookish the community?
What I like most about the book blogging community is chatting with other bloggers.  Seriously.. I just love comments and commenting on other blogs.  I have met several bloggers this way.  Especially with events like Utah Book Month.  I just think the community can be wonderful if you put yourself into it.  I really enjoy discussion posts too… I find that really gets people talking and discussing great bookish topics.  Too bad I can’t always think of clever discussions!

On your blog, you state that you moderate a Goodreads book club for your favorite author: Stephen King. Which is your favorite of his novels, and why?
I love King so I am glad you asked about him!  It’s fun to go from reading a young adult book and then switch over to a King book.  My favorite King book is the Shining.  I love just what a psychological thriller that book is.  It’s not the same as the Jack Nicholson film…. you just get an entire different feeling reading the book.  I usually tell people to start with this book too when they begin reading King.

As the moderator of two book clubs, how do you pick the books read each month?
Each book club on goodreads that I moderate actually picks their book club picks differently. In the Young Adult book club have a master list of book titles that group members have suggested over the years. Then using a random number generator ten books are picked from this list and then voted on by the group.  The Stephen King Fans group rotates the books they pick.. so one month a King book, one month a book we suggest to King, and then a book King has blurbed or recommended and then we vote.  We are reading all the King books and then once we get through we will start over.  I have been running both groups since 2007.

Was there ever a book you read for a book club, or for other reasons, that completely surprised you--whether positively or negatively? Which book, and why?
A book that surprised me… I have to admit, it is this graphic novel I read called The Arrival by Shaun Tan.  There are no words in this book.  You simply look at the art and make your own story.  It is beautiful and a very unique experience.

Which is your go-to book for general recommendations? You know--the book you recommend to everyone, even if you don't know what genres they like to read.
I hate to sound cliché … but before the movies even came out I would recommend the Hunger Games to people.  I really think those books read very well for both adults and teens.

Your crystal ball rating system is so clever! How did you think of it, and has your rating system been different in the past?
I saw the crystal balls on a site somewhere and thought they were just neat.  It said the graphics were free to use so I went ahead and used them adding my own text to them.  I have used black cats before as a number system (1 cat-5 cats).  I am actually thinking though of finding something that goes more with my Wonderland theme.  A key or something.  Be on the look out!!  I will probably be switching to that soon.

Have you ever tried your hand at writing? If so, can you tell us something about the experience?
I have not tried writing.  I suppose in college I wrote but I just have no stories in me.  I wish I did.  I read a book and just can’t imagine how someone can think and write those stories.

You're a gamer, so picture yourself in a video game for this one: If you had to fight against a character from any book, who would it be, and why?
Oh wow!  This is a good question.  I would love to fight in the battle of Hogwarts.  I just loved that part of the Harry Potter books. I want to team up with the other students and just feel the comradery that they were feeling at that time.  Plus I want to handle a wand.  I did play a Harry Potter game on the Kinect one where you ran around with a wand and it was only OK.  But I did ride the ride at the Wizarding World where you felt like you were on a broom and that was AMAZING.  So I would also like to be riding a broom and wielding a wand.

What powers would YOU have in this game?
What powers???  Well I would like to be able to be an Animagus in this battle incase I need to change shapes really fast like Professor McGonagall.   I would hope this would be a great asset during the battle.

Lastly, can you tell us your favorite book quote?
I have been listening to the podcast called Welcome to Night Vale and have been having soooo much fun!!  It is a fictional podcast that is about this spooky small town.  Really neat.. So I am going to include a quote from the podcast:

Thanks so much for letting me interview you, Angela! I'm going to have to pick up a copy of Shaun Tan's graphic novel, to check it out for myself. And that quote! Too funny!

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About Angela
My name is Angie and I love the simple things in life.  I love nature, reading, movies, videos games, pets, NASCAR, Denver Bronco football, and so much more.  So you will see all of these interests on my blog! I love to get to know all kinds of bloggers.
Angela's Anxious Life is a blog about really anything that is entertainment. Books.. movies.. video games.... and comics.


  1. I really liked the questions you asked. They definitely let us get to know Angie more. I agree with her on the discussion posts. Sometimes I feel so brain dead about thinking something to post.

  2. I'm so glad Angie participated in Utah Book Month, even though she doesn't live here anymore. It has been so fun getting to know her. I, too, loved these interview questions. I like her crystal ball rating system and can't wait to see what else she comes up with. Finally, I'm so impressed she moderates TWO book clubs. That's a lot of work!

  3. Thanks for interviewing me!! I have so much fun during Utah Book Month!! I just love getting involved and getting to know everyone. Plus .. I hope this influences people to check out Welcome to Nightvale. So fun. I did just find two co-moderators for my Young Adult Book Club to help me out. It is a lot of work like Jessica said so I finally reached out for some help.

  4. I like how your interview was so customized! I recently discovered Angela's blog, and I love it! She and I have become blog friends now, and I hope to meet her soon!


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