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How to Reference Sources in APA Format?

The confusion often haunts writers when they start wondering, how do I reference better? And what format do I use? So, let’s look at ways to make better appendix formatting in APA to make sure you do not struggle with these questions again.

Appendix referencing on APA paper

Appendix referencing is where you provide additional ways to gain more information on the topic of discussion.

  • Using your appendix

Label your appendix alphabetically and place them before your reference pages. The labels will help you point your appendix out in your paper. The reference page should not contain any of your references.

  • Appendixes from other authors

Other authors’ references, should be put on the reference page. It should contain the authors’ name, publisher, and it should be arranged alphabetically.

APA format referencing

Appendixes have a purpose in a book but, they contain a lot of information that can be destructing to a reader. Hence the American Psychological Association came up with ways to reference better.

  • Referencing in-Text

Use parenthesis to include your appendix in your text, for example (John, 2019), including the authors’ name and publication year. You can also reference an already created appendix by using the label for example “Appendix A”.

  • Page referencing

Includes adding outsourced in-text citation appendixes on your reference page. Follow this format in such cases “Start with the authors’ name, followed by initials, and then a period. Here is an example for better understanding, john, B. B. (2021). Appendix K of theology. Nairobi: theory works, company.

  • Appendix using APA format

Write the title of your appendix first, then make sure each appendix is on a separate line and matches the font of the paper you are working on. Edit your appendices in another word blank paper, this makes sure it does not affect the format of your paper. The appendices should come after your cited work section and follow the page order.

  • Citing Book Chapters using the APA Format

Here are some guides on how to cite a chapter contained by a book either in-text or as a list of references.

The format to follow for in-text citation of a chapter

Author of the chapters’ name, his first initials followed by the second name initial. The year in brackets. Article or chapter title. Editors’ first name initials. His second name initials. His last name followed by the name their book, full colon, the subtitle. Followed by the publication location and the publishers.

  • Resume publication citing

A resume should have your accomplishments to enable your employer to research more about and see your competence. To properly cite in a resume, choose a format that you are comfortable with and use it for all your references in the paper.

  • Bibliographies

It is a list arranged alphabetically of the sources used in your paper. It is written on a new page and uses the Chicago format to edit.

  • Footnotes

They are used to cite quotation sources in a report and to reference. Footnotes follow the Chicago formatting style to edit.

  • Bluebook bibliography

Most law professionals use the bluebook to cite their work to ensure the lawyer reading the paper can pinpoint where the writer got the argument.  The peter W Martin format is the one to use in this case.


Citation plays a vital role in making a paper more informative hence for any writer, citation is a must. With the guidelines offered in this article, you will be able to cite effectively and improve your grades drastically.