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Tips to Write a Paper Overnight

Have you ever procrastinated your paper until the last minute? Do you ever find rushing to complete a paper that is due the next morning? Well, this is the article for you. We will discuss ways that you can be able to write your paper in a single night! We shall discuss how you can write an academic paper from scratch in just one night.

Preparation for the writing process

  • Buy enough snacks to take you through the process. Writing on an empty stomach is very destructing, and since you have no time to make complete meals, then snacks are your answer. Nuts are great snacks as they provide well-needed energy to help in the process.
  • Drink caffeine. Caffeine keeps you focused and awake, so they are a must-have for this process to be successful. Energy drinks also do the trick but make sure you don’t use any of the two together with prescriptions.
  • Break when needed. Sitting down for hours doing the same thing is tedious and not healthy for this writing process. Hence every once in a while, take short breaks and then go back to writing. Short breaks make sure your mind stays focused throughout the whole process.
  • Hydrate. Your brain needs to be hydrated to function better. Hence make sure you have water with you.
  • Avoid distraction. Find a quiet place that you can focus on your writing without being distracted.

Night preparation protocol

  1. Prepare for the worst. Having only one night to finish your paper means that the work will be shoddy. But in this case, it is better than having a missing mark for your paper.
  2. Make a time plan. Make a schedule to follow through with your as you write your paper. The program will help you utilize the time you have efficiently.
  3. Read the prompt keenly. Make sure you don’t miss out on any vital details in the prompt. Remember, you do not have time to write a new paper because you misread the prompt.
  4. Follow all the formatting and style guides. If you skim over these guides, you might end up using the wrong format, which would lead to a disaster.
  5. Try to cite sources. If you had some initial knowledge on the topic, use your books to get sources to use.

Six tips to prepare the paper better

Writing in a hurry does not mean that your paper should be bad. Here are tips to make it better:

  1. Do not plagiarize your work. Plagiarism warrants an immediate fail, so avoid plagiarizing your work at all costs.
  2. Follow your thesis appropriately. The thesis is the key to your paper, so ensure you align your argument to it.
  3. Brainstorm. Make a list of ideas that you will use in your paper. You can filter the bad ideas later.
  4. Make an outline. The outline should include all the points that you are going to work on in your paper. It should be logically arranged.
  5. Don’t exaggerate. Your sentences should be short and concise. Long texts are red flags for un-researched work.
  6. Proofread your paper. Re-read your academic paper to make sure you catch as many errors as you can before submitting your paper.


Writing a paper in one night is not an easy feat; it is, however, not impossible. Using the guidelines offered in this article. You will be able to complete your paper in a single night, making sure you do not get into trouble with your teacher.