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Thanks to an invitation from Marrissa from Rae Gun Ramblings, I'm participating in a multi-blog Breaking Dawn Part 2 (a.k.a. CGI Renesme) Party! 

Breaking Dawn Blog Party
 Breaking Dawn Party Peeps

Breaking Dawn Part 2 Bleached Shirt DIY

My childhood friends and I have what has become a tradition, where we watch the midnight showing of the Twilight movies together each year. We've done it for every Twilight movie (and now Hunger Games!!), and for the first three years, it was basically the only time we had seen each other in a year. This year, we've broken tradition in favor of sleep, work, and money. But we'll still be watching it together...just at an hour more becoming of our rapidly progressing ages. ;)

BUT I know I'm going to miss the anticipation of attending the midnight showing; the adoring crowds who laugh, cat-call, and sigh together, and who share a camaraderie that just isn't as present at any other showtime. Most of all, I'll miss the random people one meets while waiting in line, or sitting in one's seat. The small-talk; the gossip; the critiques and plot guessing. 

Even though I won't be at the midnight showing, I'll still be wearing a Breaking Dawn t-shirt when we do get to watching it. And because I not only have an obsession with bleaching shirts, but it's also extremely quick and easy to do, I have designed a chess piece template just for bleached BD shirts! If you were waiting until the last minute to make your BD shirt, this one is for you! It's subtle, different, and extremely easy to make.

Items needed:
Fine misting spray bottle (any size, as long as it sprays a fine mist)
Bleach (any brand will work)
Dark cotton t-shirt (50/50 Cotton/Poly blend is ideal)
Contact paper, or other sticky paper (freezer paper will work, but you’ll have to iron it on)
X-acto knife or precision cutting tool
Printed template

1. Tape printed template over a piece of contact paper, and carefully cut through both layers with an X-acto knife, or another cutting tool. (I have provided two different templates; I prefer to use the first, while the second template saves ink.)

2. Stick the contact paper chess piece on chosen area of a dark t-shirt. Make sure all edges are sticking to the shirt. Slide a piece of cardboard or other surface, in between the front and back of shirt, to prevent bleaching the back side.

3. In a spray bottle, mix a solution of 1 part water & 1 part bleach. You don’t need a lot for one shirt; not even half of a bottle. DO NOT let this sit in the bottle for longer than 1/2 hour, without using it. It will burst!

4. Hold spray bottle a few feet above t-shirt, and spray. Focus on the chess piece, and the mist will fall in the negative space around it. Only a few sprays are needed; about 3-4. Don’t overdo it! It takes a few minutes for the bleach to finish working, and the color to actually show up on the shirt. You can always spray more later, if you want more color.

5. After about ten minutes, check the t-shirt. Spray once or twice more, if you want more color, or if you feel the top/bottom section needs more.

6. Peel contact paper off, and hang to dry. Wash in COLD water before wearing.

Have fun watching Breaking Dawn P2!!


  1. You so cute! And look how awesome that looks! Bravo!

  2. OOOh I love it. I used to LOVE going to midnight showings, the energy is just so fun we did most of the Potters but that way but even though I'm still a night owl most of my friends are NOT so we too are being grown up fuddy duddys and going at a reasonable hour! Thanks for partying, I ADORE your shirt I've always wanted to try the bleach style but haven't gotten around to it yet :)

  3. I love that you go all out for movies! I'm not much for Twilight, but I want to check out those brownies. They look good :)

  4. Love that t-shirt!! What a brilliant idea with the bleach!


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