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Book cover of Choosing Charity by Terri Ferran
Choosing Charity by Terri Ferran
Publisher: Cedar Fort, Inc.
Format: Paperback (courtesy of Cedar Fort & Latter Day Books Blog Tours)
Genre: Adult, Contemporary, Christian Fiction
Publication Date: 10 July, 2012
When Kit learns that her biological mother wants to meet her, it seems her perfect life is about to come tumbling down. With a new job, a husband she adores, and friends all around her, can Kit possibly be expected to risk everything for a woman who left her in a dumpster to die?

Of course, love comes in many forms. Now Kit's about to learn that when faith and hope aren't enough, charity can make things right.

What a fascinating book. Choosing Charity covers everything from a woman trying to forgive both her adoptive parents and her birth mother, to the miracles and tragedies one witnesses when one comes across the terminally ill (and no, it doesn't play out how you think it will). Rest assured, you'll be wanting even more by the time the book is through.

I liked the characters in this story, and was interested to see how things played out. One of the strongest points in the book is the relationship between Kit and her husband, Adam. They have an open relationship that allows them to help each other through the hard times they face in the story. I was enamored with how much they love each other--being patient and forgiving, even while the other person is being unreasonable.

On the opposite end, I was shocked at the relationship between Kit and her birth mother. I don't want to spoil anything, but it was just not what I expected. Though, it made complete sense, and I was fascinated as I witnessed their relationship evolve throughout the story. It definitely made for a different story than I expected--which is exactly what I liked about it.

One thing I didn't like--and the reason behind my rating--is that I felt too many of the details were glossed over. I would have liked to have known more of the events that transpired between Kit and other characters at key points in the story. The book covers many months of Kit's life (close to, or more than, a year), so I understand that some things had to be skipped, but there were many jumps in time that were quickly told in retrospect--especially times when Kit was the most frustrated--where I was most interested in hearing the details.

Overall, Choosing Charity is a unique family drama. It's got a focus on family relationships, and gospel teachings, and is definitely worth a read. I give it 3.5 stars!

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...you love family drama, and you believe in strong family relationships.

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{Chaste kissing, pregnancies, and multiple discussions of hard topics having to do with motherhood, abandonment, death, illness, etc..}

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  1. Wow- the covers are stunningly beautiful! This sounds like a very interesting story... this is not a book I would generally pick up, so thanks for sharing your review because it showed me that this is actually something I would totally enjoy reading!!

    1. I'm so glad my review helped! I hope you enjoy it when you read it. :)

  2. I agree with Jenna! The covers are so beautiful! I really want to pick these up! Thanks so much for the review. I like how you described her relationship with her husband. I love that!

    1. You're so welcome. Their relationship is really a great relationship. I loved reading about it!

  3. I love following blog tours and this one's so fun! Thanks for this giveaway!!,- Pat

  4. Awesome tour! I love it!

    drinkshrunkentears at gmail dot com

  5. I love your blog! Thanks so much for the review and for being part of the tour!

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