My Bloggiesta To Do List

Bloggiesta was created by Natasha from Maw Books Blog, as a way to get together with other bloggers as we all work to make our blogs better. This year it is being hosted by Suey from It's All About Books, and Danielle from There's A Book. Unfortunately, this is the worst possible week for me to try and get anything done, but I'm going to try and squeeze it all in. I need to stop putting it off!

My Bloggiesta To Do List
Links lead to applicable mini challenges.

To Do For Sure
Create a list of blogging goals
Create a blog editorial calendar & STICK WITH IT (this one is a fantastic printable editorial calendar...and it's free!!) ---> Done! See this month's calendar here!
Fix HTML errors in my blog's script (a big problem for me right now...this could take days)
Backup my blog and template
Create a list of future non-review post topics
Add a contest policy to my blog
Clean out email inbox, and respond to old emails. It's becoming like a jungle in there...I never know what I'll come across when I open it. :/

To Do If I Have Time
Work on my Facebok Fanpage  (The new timeline feature is mandatory, beginning this week!)
Update NetGalley profile
Clean out my feed reader
Create a yearly reader survey


  1. Replies
    1. Nice list. Thanks for the links to the mini-challenges that you plan on taking on.
      Congrats on completing the labels.

  2. It looks like you're still getting a ton of stuff done despite being super busy. Way to go! We'll be hosting it again in six months, so look for it again and hopefully you'll be less busy then. ;) Good luck and thanks for joining in Bloggiesta!

    Stumped or need more to-do for Bloggiesta? Check out the New Mini-Challenges and the Past Mini-Challenges to find more!

  3. I had to hand write out my Bloggiesta to do list, sometimes I need to actually cross stuff off of a list...I wonder if I should start using a paper calendar for blogging as well.

  4. Whoa! That's quite an ambitious list there. I like the schedule/calendar. I am not sure if I could do it though. How often to you go rouge?

  5. Thanks for the links to the labels challenge. That's actually one of my goals, too, & it helps to get some ideas. Good luck with all your goals!

  6. Good luck with all this, you reminded me I need to update my NetGalley profile, thanks!

  7. I love that you've posted to old challenges! That's awesome! And, it looks like you've made some good headway on your goals. Great job! :)

  8. Great job on your editorial calendar! I went out and bought a calendar specifically for that purpose shortly after I started blogging, and it's been so useful for keeping track of everything. Good luck with the rest of your list!

  9. I think I could just focus on cleaning out my feed reader and that would take all weekend!

    Buona fortuna!

    I'm Bloggista-ing all weekend! I love to have old and new blogging friends stop by and say hello!

  10. It looks like you've crossed a few things off your list! Have a great (and productive!) last day of bloggiesta.

  11. I love these! Definitely making me add to my OWN list (not good this late in the game). I love your calendar!

  12. Wow, you've had a busy weekend! Great job!


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