Top 10 of 2011: Book Covers

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I've joined in the Top 10 of 2011 meme, hosted by Jamie and Patricia from Two Chicks on Books, and Rachel from Fiktshun. It will be a week-long event, with a different topic each day. Today's topic is:

Top 10 Book Covers of 2011

Choosing these covers took FOREVER, because there are so many beautiful covers out there! I finally narrowed it down to 12 (10 + 2 honorable mentions). The following are all covers that are eye-catching and stand out enough that--if I knew nothing at all about the book--I would buy based on the cover alone.
Edit: This has nothing to do with the content of the books; I'm going off the covers alone. In fact, there are quite a few books on this list that I really didn't enjoy.

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10. Tiger's Curse
This is one of those covers that you have to see in person to get the full effect. It is shimmery, adding a layer of cool beauty to the intricate design. I love this cover!

9. The Night Circus
Cool paper cutout of a circus, against a night sky...resting in the palm of someone's hand. Makes you wonder what happens at the night circus. And in person, it has silver foiling on all the embellishments around the title.

8. Delirium
 Another cover that simply must be in person. The greenish parts are actually more of a blue, and it's all shimmery. The word (and picture) are embossed, and the whole thing just looks very pretty. Plus, I am also a huge typography lover, so the font and swirls do a lot to please me. :)

7. The Dovekeepers
At first look, this looks like a simple cover with a girl--and then you see the pigeons, and her hair, and her outfit. You see the sepia tone and the title...and realize there is much more to this cover than meets the eye. I like the subtlety.

6. Drink, Slay, Love
 I think this one speaks for itself, but I'll say something anyway. It's awesome. A play on the cover for the book Eat, Pray, Love, it gets the point across real quick: vampires, slayage, and definitely some humor. It's a cover that makes you look twice to make sure you're seeing what you think you are (you are).
Smart and funny. I love it.

A smooth and sleek cover that leads your eye to the places you need to see: first the flower, then the smoke leading up to the title Wildefire. It gives the illusion of open space by using dark flowers to fill the rest of the photo, but those same flowers provide more interesting things for your eye to examine once you've been hooked. It looks a bit exotic a bit mysterious, and a bit dangerous. Definitely compelling enough to buy based on the cover alone.

This cover is awesome. It features a vintage photo (letting you know the time period straight off), and has an awkward/creepy enough feel to make you stop and take notice. You'll read the title, look at the girl again, and then realize something: she's floating! Peculiar Children, indeed. Because of the cover, this is a must-buy.

I can't get over the ingenious design of this cover. Slightly humorous, it features a girl with a nice body (sexy sells, right?), a sash to tell you the title, and an ammo belt a lipstick belt to show that something is amiss for these beauty queens. It teases with just enough info, but makes you want to know more about the book. 

2. Sweetly
Just like Jackson Pearce's Sisters Red cover was one of the coolest illusions I've seen, so is this cover of sweetly. There is more than meets the eye in this cover, and I like that there are only a few colors needed to illustrate that point.

1. Across the Universe
I love this cover. LOVE it. Who doesn't love those stars? The stars, the colors, the faces...it's all so beautiful! And the couple clearly illustrates the title by being so close they could kiss, but not actually kissing...because they're, you know, across the universe. I like the light burst between their mouths, and the big star (planet?) behind the 'I' in the title. I think there was a lot of contemplation behind this cover (placement of the lips, placement of each burst of light, angles to put the couple, etc.) and it really works out.

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  1. Oh your picks! It's, I've just noticed, actually quite difficult to say anything about covers. They are all beautiful, but that doesn't mean the content is as well.. So, what should I talk about in this comment? Um.. Uh.. Nice weather today, right? ; )

    Happy Reading & Happy New Year,

  2. Patricia: Haha, I agree with you; the covers have nothing to do with the content, which is why I based this solely on the covers and not the stories. There are actually a lot of books on that list that I *really* did not like (Beauty Queen and Wildefire to name a few). But the weather is quite nice, yes. :)

  3. Great picks. I think it is so interesting to see which covers people like the most. It was hard for me to choose because there were so many covers I didn't like. I was surprised.

  4. I felt the same way! It was so hard to choose, because of all the great covers out there, but also because of the MANY that covers I hated.

  5. Great list! Thanks for explaining how the pictures don't do the covers justice!! Some of these I haven't seen in person and now I must search and gaze :) Home for Peculiar Children is going to give me nightmares, it's THAT good!!
    My Top Covers of 2011

    Kristin @myparahangover

  6. I really like the Night Circus cover. It does make me want to find out more.

    Christina's list

  7. Ooooohhh! You're covers are nice and big to show of the beauty of them all. Me likey! Hehehehe!

    Come check out my Top 10 List for amazing book covers!.

    Best of 2011: Book Covers

    Hope you'll have time to check out my list.
    Mystifying Paranormal Reviews

  8. Kristin: Yes, definitely find them in person to see. They're so much better. And I totes get what you mean about Peculiar Children. It's pretty creepY!

    Roro: Thanks!

    Christina: Isn't it? So appealing.

    Mariya: Lol, I like to be able to see them at the right size. :)

    Lissa: Thank you! :)

  9. The Drink Slay Love cover's really pretty! And Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children looks really creepy. I totally agree with Across the Universe... I'm also inlove with it. Great list Penelope!


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