Heroine Tourney: Win For Team Katniss! + International Giveaway

Congratulations Team Katniss, we did it!

Katniss won her tournament match against Alex, from Half-Blood! She has made it into the Fierce Four (Round 4 of 5).

Thank you for all your posts, tweets, re-tweets, and convos. And thanks for joining me in the #TKBLACKOUT! Your thoughts about Katniss were so touching. Oh, and I loved seeing all the blacked-out pages, blogs, and icons. Talk about solidarity! You, Team Katniss, are simply amazing.

And Half-Blood Legion put up one heck of a fight! It was a battle on both Twitter (a good-natured one, of course) and the voting poll on the Ya Sisterhood blog. And Alex's advocate, Momo, had one of the best arguments I have seen so far. It was the scariest point  It was a crazy 24 hours!

This is where it gets even crazier.

The next match is against Tessa (The Infernal Deviceson Wed. January 4th, 2012!
Voting opens on the Ya Sisterhood blog at midnight Jan 4th, Eastern Standard Time.

Tessa is the creation of author Cassandra Clare; one of 3 of her characters to make it into this tournament. Cassandra Clare's girls have been annihilating every heroine they have been up against. She has a big fan base, which translates into a ton of votes. But I'm not scared.

Because the Hunger Games fandom is HUGE! If anyone can beat these girls, Katniss can. Let's show up and support our Mockingjay! We need numbers; HUGE numbers. So tell everyone you know about the tournament, and let them know where to go vote.

There was some confusion the last round about how it all works, so here is a quick description:
  • Voting opens at midnight Eastern Standard Time, on the YA Sisterhood blog, on Jan. 4th.
  • On the blog, there will be a new post that has arguments from me, and from Tessa's advocate.
  • Underneath the arguments (before the comments), will be a small poll box where you can vote for either Katniss or Tessa (vote for Katniss!).
  • That's it! Leave a comment if you'd like.
  • You have 24 hours to vote, and to tell your friends to vote.
  • The winner is announced right after the voting closes. I'll Tweet the results once the winner is announced.

It's going to be a crazy week! 
If Katniss wins this round, the final match will be only two days later, on the 6th of January, against either Clary (The Mortal Instruments) or Hermione (Harry Potter), depending on the winner of their match.

The best way to get updates is to follow me on Twitter
I'll let you know when the voting is about to start, when it opens, how close the match is (if we need more people to vote), when it's about the end, and who the winner is. These last two matches are so close together; you don't want to miss anything! My username: @ReadingFever

Quick poll: If Katniss makes it past this next round, would you be interested in another #TKBLACKOUT event and Twitter party for the final round? Let me know in the comments!

We have another giveaway! I gave prizes away at random during our #TKBLACKOUT party, but there were two people who didn't want their prizes...which means now YOU can have a chance to win them!

Enter below to win a Team Katniss t-shirt, and a vinyl Team Katniss sticker.

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  1. Awesome! I voted for Katniss, but I wasn't able to keep up on Twitter due to work. I'm SO happy she won!! Let's give Tessa (whom I also love, but not nearly as much as Katniss) an awesome, friendly battle! :)

  2. Woot woot! Katniss won! I'm pretty sure Katniss can have a friendly battle with Tessa! Katniss can win this!

  3. Ugh, the idea of Clary winning against Hermione makes me mad.
    I'll be voting for Katniss again.

  4. Litza: Woohoo! Yes, let's give Tessa a great friendly battle! :) (And I totally understand about not being able to keep up; I was actually working for most of the voting period, so I had to schedule my tweets.)

    Roxy: I think so, too! It will be great. Let's see what Tessa is made of! ;)

    Lissa: ME TOO! I may not have read the books yet, but the Harry Potter movies were enought to convince me that Hermione definitely should be the winner of that match. I'm crossing my fingers for it. And thanks for supporting Katniss! :)

  5. Am loving that T-shirt. Would love to win. Katniss deserved to win. I don't really know Tessa, but I was Katniss till the very end.

  6. Thanks for your support Tamara! I would have LOVED it if Katniss had won. :)


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