These Are Not Finnick

When it comes to casting Finnick for the Hunger Games movies, acting skill is--of course--at the top of the list. We all want someone who can bring the persona of Finnick to life. But this is Finnick people, not Haymitch, and for this one character, there are a few things that are also important: height, strength, and the ability to charm, flirt, and dazzle.

The more dream casting choices I see for Finnick Odair, the more disappointed I get. Finnick is 24 years old, and is described as "extremely handsome...tall, muscular, and athletic, with golden skin, bronze-colored hair, and 'incredible' sea green eyes." (source) 
Finnick was legendary in the capitol; known for his conquests of women, and his constant, flirtatious attitude.
My own addition to these descriptions is that he is strong and agile enough to carry Peeta--who himself is described as having a "stocky build"--while running

Bearing that in mind, let's take a look at some of the casting choices I have seen.

Casting choices that are too old for the part.

Alexander Skarsgard
Best known for his role in True Blood, he is handsome and charming...and a lot older than 24. That's not necessarily a problem, since people in Hollywood (especially men) can play much younger roles. But he looks much older than 24.

Leonardo DiCaprio
Nope. He doesn't look 24. He also isn't even remotely what I imagine when I think of Finnick Odair in his underwear. ;)

Michael Fassbender
Do I need words for this one?

Jude Law
Really, I'm running out of words.

Casting choices that are just outrageous.

Tom Felton
No. Just...no.

Zac Efron
This kid is too recognizable as a Disney teen icon. I see him and think: Teenyboppers Anonymous.

Jamie Campbell Bower
Let's face it: this guy is scrawny. He couldn't carry an old lady while running, much less Peeta. And from the shows I've seen him in, I don't like his acting either. He's playing Jace in The Mortal Instruments movie, anyway. Let's leave it at that.

Edward Cullen (whoops!) Robert Pattinson
 Can we PLEASE stop giving this guy parts that he's not fit for? He does better with roles where he doesn't have to be the suave, charming, guy...because he isn't. He is urban and gritty, and was perfect for his role in Remember Me. I'm not up for watching another Robert Pattinson book character massacre.

The One That Takes the Cake

Heath Ledger
 Apparently someone missed the memo about him....

I'm not saying that I know who the perfect Finnick is. I don't. 

But these guys? 

These are not Finnick.


  1. At the right age and, you know, alive, Heath Ledger probably would have been perfect. I haven't read the books but that's what I believe anyway.

  2. I agree! He would have done a good job. He certainly had the smile and charm down. The website I found it on was talking about him as if he were still alive, though. It was a little...disconcerting.

  3. Hmmm it's hard to find blondes that are the proper age, isn't it?? They either seem too young or too old. I've been trying to think of who might be able to do the role, but I can't really come up with anyone. Let's see...

    I would say Chris Hemsworth, but he probably looks too much like his brother for them to be in the same movie and play unrelated characters.

    Someone who's like a younger version of Ryan Kwanten would be awesome.

    What about Sebastian Stan? I would be happy with that casting, actually.

    Haha okay I'm stopping now.

  4. Thanks for giving me a laugh today. I love Finnick and will be VERY upset if they mess up his casting....
    Truly Bookish

  5. Good point! Good point!

    Poor Heath. He was SO good.

  6. I adored Heath Ledger. He was easily becoming one of the top actors of our time.

  7. wow, those choices are ridiculous... I love Alex Skarsgard so I say there is some things that can be done to make him look younger. But the others? Oh dear. what were they thinking?

  8. Bradley Cooper, but 10 years younger ;)

    They are going to have to find an unknown I think!

  9. Okay, I guess I haven't been keeping myself updated with casting news anymore because the main three's been casted and that's really all I genuinely care about. But seriously, some of these choices are ridiculous. Hah!

  10. hahaha! Heath *would* have been perfect but....

    Agreed that Fassbender is too old, but gah! I love that man!!!! And yesssss, PLEASE stop casting R.Patts. In anything!


  11. This post was hilarious & then kinda sad. Poor Heath Ledger. :( I really hope they cast a good Finnick. My sister thinks Zac Efron is perfect, but I don't think he would work with the people they've already got. I think I'm hoping for an unknown.

  12. To be completely Honest. Height should not be a casting requirement. Because there are so many camera tricks that you can do to make someone look taller. I Do believe that stregth was agood factor not only does Finnick have to carry Peeta he has to carry Mags as well. He also has to be a great Swimmer. To be honest yes I agree Finnick needs to have great acting ability. However, I would appreciate it if Someone who is just starting out and is not well known gets a chance t oaudition for the role of Finnick. I am tired of seeing pretty boys get great roles and well not convince me at all when it comes to the acting. I just hope that people give new people a chance to break out there.

  13. I agree also that Heath would have been perfect but my vote is definitely Alexander Skarsgard! That man is perfection and he could easily pull off the role. As for the swimming part look up the pix of the past season of true blood when he swims in the day light. (drooling) I think you will fine the exact reason he should be Finnick

  14. People are losing their minds! Almost all of these are no! I can see Robert and Zac being OK for the part, but Robert is known for being Edward Cullen and Zac is known from High School Musical. But Tom Felton? Tom Felton is known as the terrible (and hot) Draco Malfoy! I think it would be MUCH easier just to choose someone with great acting skills and ISN'T famous. I mean, there are lots of people in the U.S. that look and act like Finnick on their own accord (or they do it without knowing they act like him). Tell me your thoughts!
    at elizabeth@lamottefamily.com

    1. I agree! I would really like to see an unknown in the role; someone not tied to another franchise. And especially someone who ISN'T Robert P., or Zac Efron.


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