Fall TV Show Reviews - Set 1

Yes, I do do other things besides read...like watch TV. *snicker* I've been holding myself to a two-shows-at-a-time limit this year (Teen Wolf, The Nine Lives of Chloe King, and Game of Thrones--which only overlapped one episode with the others, so I let it fly). I am going to try and keep myself at that limit for the fall season, too. I'll give shows one or two episodes tops, and make my decision. It's going to be really hard since there are so many good choices, but I have already eliminated two of the four I have watched so far. 

Here are my thoughts on the pilots for these shows:

Hart of Dixie {yea}
Starting Monday Sept. 26th at 9/8c, on The CW

I wasn't sure what I would think of this show, but it was surprisingly heartfelt. I've never heard of Rachel Bilson before but she's very charismatic, and is perfect for the role of a big city girl gone small town. I was ready to toss it in the "never mind, too cliche" pile in the first ten minutes but then things started getting good. I've always liked small towns, and this show gets the small town friendship and drama right--with a good Southern setting. I really liked the ending and will be back for more!

*Disclaimer: I had the opportunity to screen the pilot episode of Hart of Dixie courtesy of Klout and The CW. I was not asked to write this review, or do anything other than screen the show. 

Ringer {nay}
Tuesdays at 9/8c, on The CW (already started)

I'm not sure where to start with what I didn't like about this one. After being such a huge Buffy fan for so long, it was weird watching Sarah Michelle Gellar play a different role, especially with her playing twins. She was perfect for Buffy, but I don't think she's the right one to play this role. There was no personality to either of the sisters at all. One was rich, and the other was a drug addict, and yet I couldn't tell either of them apart by the way they talked or acted. Even identical twins have different personalities, and that didn't show.

On top of this, the plot was so intricate and contrived that I was lost half the time and bored the other half. I may watch one more episode out of loyalty to SMG, but this definitely won't be one of my two series this season.

New Girl {nay}
Starting Tuesday Sept. 20th at 9/8c, on FOX

Another flop. This show is funny, yes, but the story line was lost in the overly frequent attempts at humor. There is no subtle humor in this show; it's all in your face humor, and most of the time it is borderline stupid.

I will say that this isn't really my type of show to begin with, so I may be judging harshly. I couldn't say no to the free iTunes download, though, and wanted to at least give it a shot. Unfortunately, one shot was one too many...I can't un-see what I've seen.

The pilot episode of New Girl is currently available as a free download on iTunes.

The Secret Circle {yea}
Starting Thursday Sept. 15th at 9/8c, on The CW

I downloaded and watched this show on a whim, after reading a review for the book that gushed about how cool this show would be. I haven't read the book, but this episode was interesting enough. It has that dark, mysterious feel the Vampire Diaries TV show has (both books were written by the same author), but it is definitely its own show, and I think this first episode is a great start to the series.

While a few of the charters' acting seemed a little forced (I think I'm still picturing Phoebe Tonkin as an Australian mermaid from the show H2O) I liked it and will be watching some more episodes!

The pilot episode of The Secret Circle is also currently available as a free download on iTunes.

Other shows I'm excited for, and will try:
(click the posters to watch the trailers)

Terra Nova
Sept. 26 8/7c - FOX

Charlie's Angels
Sept. 22 8/7c - ABC
Pan Am
Sept. 25 10/9c - ABC

Once Upon A Time
Oct. 23 8/7c - ABC

Oct. 21 9/8c - NBC

I know....how will I EVER pick from all of these? I have no idea, but two is my number.
What shows will you be watching this season?


  1. *squee* ALL of these great tv shows! I think I need to make a schedule so I don't forget to watch one (like I forgot Ringer last night :(
    I am looking forward to Vampire Diaries & Secret Circle tomorrow & Supernatural next week.
    Please stop by & say hi when you get a chance :)

    Books And Beyond

  2. Oh my gosh I don't know how you only watch 2 shows! I'd die. LOL. I'm planning to watch Ringer and The Secret Circle tonight, and I watched The New Girl yesterday. I'm reserving judgment because 1) pretty much the entire episode was already shown in the previews, and 2) Damon Wayans Jr is leaving because his show Happy Endings (which I loooooove) got picked up for a second season, so I'm interested to see the different dynamic that the new person brings.

    And every other show that you listed is already on my list to check out. :P Plus my old returning shows that I love. It's going to be a busy fall, that's for sure!

  3. I loved reading your thoughts.

    I feel like our taste is similar and was happy to see you didn't dig Ringer or New Girl (two shows I was planning to pass on).

    I am however totally looking forward to trying Hart of Dixie.

    Ooooo and I can not wait for Terra Nova, Grimm, and Once Upon a Time.

    GREAT reviews.

    Can I admit to being slightly jealous that you got to see early previews of these? :)

  4. I totally forgot that fall tv started this week! I will definitely be tuning into The Secret Circle as L.J. Smith was my favorite growing up and The Secret Circle was one of my favorite trilogies. I know there are some changes from the books just by watching the previews but hopefully they won't annoy me too much. I adore Britt Robertson too so I am very much looking forward to this one.
    Ringer. . . I will watch the pilot because Buffy is one of my all time favorites but I have to admit that the previews didn't seem that compelling. I am afraid this show might not have a very long shelf life.


  5. Books and Beyond: Great idea! I needed a schedule too, so I added all the TV shows into my Google calendar. :)

    Andie: I know, it's going to be so hard! I agree with you on the entire New Girl being shown in the previews. I just didn't like it at all, though.

    Juju: We are totally looking forward to the same shows! I hope you like Hart of Dixie. I thought it was very sweet. I'm also super excited for the others!

    Jehara: Lol, the only reason I remembered was because of all the posts other bloggers did. :) I hope you like The Secret Circle. I haven't read the books, but I liked the episode I saw. And I agree about Ringer; I don't think it will do too well.

  6. Okay, so I watched Ringer this weekend online. The first half was a bit meh. I see what you are saying about the twins. There was a bit of a difference between the two but not much, which I find disappointing because SMG was FANTASTIC playing Buffy-now-as-Faith when they switched bodies. Eliza was equally great playing Buffy.
    However, I have to say that the ending did intrigue me a bit, even though I totally called it at the beginning. B called a bunch of other things so the show is a bit predictable in that sense.
    But! I will keep watching until it sputters because not only does it have SMG but the show also features the actors who played Baze in the short-lived Life Unexpected (sad face!) and Richard from LOST. That in itself is treat enough for me. And who knows, maybe the show will pick up the pace as it goes along??


  7. The secret circle is one of my favorite TV show and I was madly loved with the series and I thank you for the submission.

  8. Yes it was quite good series and I have enjoyed the show.


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