Monthly Wrap Up: August 2011

This month continued that craziness of last month, and I'm sad to say that I missed quite a few days of posting and didn't get all the review written that I wanted to. Along those lines, I am up to my ears in review books! Next month I'll be catching up on them, trying to get most of them read. I'll also be catching up on replying to comments; I've never been this far behind before! *blushes* If you've left a comment on my blog in last two weeks, expect a  reply and a visit from me soon! :)

Also, if you missed the cool Hunger Games public safety posters I did this month, don't forget to check them out! The link is below.

Waiting on Wednesday
Kiss of Frost (tomorrow!)

Foreign Cover Friday


  1. Thank you so much for stopping by my blog and following! i'm a new follower! i'm going to check out your review of name of the star!


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