Between the Land and the Sea by Derrolyn Anderson

Between the Land and the Sea by Derrolyn Anderson
Publisher: Author
Format: ebook (Courtesy of Derrolyn Anderson)
Genre: Fantasy, Young Adult
Publication Date: 3.19.2011
Something extraordinary is lurking in the deep ocean waters off the coast of Aptos, California. In just a few weeks after moving to the small beach town, sixteen year old Marina has nearly drowned twice, enchanted the hottest guy in high school, and discovered a supernatural creature. If she can only manage to survive her increasingly dangerous encounters with unpredictable mermaids, she might just be able to unlock the mystery of her past to learn how to appease the mysterious forces that seem to want something from her...and maybe even find true love along the way.

Between The Land And The Sea is the first book in the series "Marina's Tales".

Mermaids! I am a big fan of mermaids, and Between the Land and the Sea is an awesome addition to the genre. I loved everything about this book, and am so glad I had the opportunity to read it.

This book has a bit of a slow start, but is hard to put down soon after the beginning. Things develop at just the right pace to keep anticipation levels up right until the end. Other things happen in Marina's (the main character's) life besides mermaid stuff, and I found it all fascinating. There is a good mix of mermaid, mystery, and real life.

This book does characters right; they are all three-dimensional. Marina's cousin, Cruz, is one of the coolest, most original characters I have seen. We also really get to know Marina well...and most importantly, the hot love interest is very well-developed (and boy, don't let me talk about him too long...I may never stop). Even the dialogue between the characters is very genuine. Bottom line: don't expect to find any flat characters here.

The romance in this story is sweet and tender, giving the reader just enough to be tantalized, and leaving just enough out to be carried away by imagination. Marina and Ethan's relationship is so real, I was surprised. There's no insta-love; things develop slowly and neither is interested in jumping into the relationship too quickly. They interact as an actual couple would, and even have arguments that are resolved realistically. Sure there are times when one of them goes to extremes, but it is always done in reaction to the fantastical events in the book. I'm actually not sure when I've last seen a relationship this real in a book. Kudos!

One thing that I kept noticing is that there are a lot of sentences that had an archaic use of the word 'for.' Example: She stopped, for she had seen the place before.... Every time I hit a sentence with this usage, it brought me out of the story. This is more of a personal pet-peeve, though, so others might not even notice it.

Also, the ending happened pretty quickly and after all that had happened working up to it, I would have liked just a little more. It was still satisfying regardless, and I am very excited to read the next book in the series. Overall, this is the perfect book to curl up with on a summer day.

Read this if:
...you like mermaids or fashion, and you love a good romance.

Content Warning
*This section may contain some spoilers about content!*
I don't remember any swearing, although admittedly I was too engrossed in the story. I do, however, remember lots of steamy kisses. :)


  1. I absolutely love three dimensional characters. I might read this one just for that. Great review.

  2. Alexis: I hope you do! You'll definitely love the characters! :)

  3. Thanks for this review, l can't wait to read this =)
    I get what you mean about personal peeves as l find it with some books.

  4. I hope you get to read it! It is such a sweet book.


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