When the Fever Takes Hold

Have you ever gotten so into a book, that you found yourself thinking about it days--even weeks--after finishing? Have you loved a series so much, that you wanted to bring a part of it out of the book? Something you could keep and carry around, as a reminder of the deep and personal journey you had been on.

Books can do that to you, you know; turn your mind inside out, set your heart pumping, until you don't want to leave the fantastic world that you've entered.

This, my friends, is Reading Fever at its best. This is what I strive for when I select a book to read, although I know the consequence of finding an extremely good one; you always leave a part of yourself behind in its world.

It happened to me just this week. I heard one of my favorite books calling my name from the shelf, and knew I wanted to read it. I tried to ignore it; I really did. I had other books in line, books I was currently reading, and others that were needing to be reviewed. Not to mention that I had already read this book before. My time would be better served with a book I hadn't read before.

...at least, that's what I told myself. But I longed to visit another place, to live another life and get away for a while. And so I gave in. I pulled the book down with a glance around me, as if what I was doing was wrong. In a way, it was; I was in the middle of reading other books! It felt like cheating. But when I opened to that first page and read those familiar lines, there was no turning back.

The Fever got me good.

I didn't touch another book until I had re-read all three in the series. This included a two-day waiting period, where I had shockingly found the second book missing from my shelf, and had to wait to borrow a copy from someone else. I thought I would die of boredom. No other book would stand in place of what I really wanted to read. Eventually, I was loaned the copy I craved, and was able to carry on with my ravenous reading.

I finished the third book today. The entire series was even better this time around. I paid more attention, picked up on more clues, and let myself really feel the suspense, the action, the heartbreak, of every moment.

I left my heart in that book.

That excruciating fever got me good....

P.S. "Mum's" the word on the title of the series. Feel free to try and guess. :)

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  1. I don't get this fever with books I've read before, but I definitely have been known to drop other books cold for something pretty and shiny that calls my name :)

    Great post!


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