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Guide To Concluding Your Written Paper Perfectly

The conclusion of a paper is crucial to any essay. But many writers get it wrong and end up losing marks for concluding wrongly. So the main question to answer in this article will be how to write a perfect conclusion. Through research, we have combined a guideline to help any writer conclude his or her writing perfectly.

The importance of a conclusion

The conclusion of a paper is supposed to bring forth closure to the reader. And make sure the reader is prompted on the main content of the essay. It brings clarity to the many details that the paper contained and. It simply makes the reader remember the agenda of the paper.

In many cases, it is a single paragraph that explains the thesis in simple words. It combines the whole agenda in a few lines and helps the reader gain more understanding of the thesis. A conclusion is not supposed to bring new ideas, it is supposed to bring clarity to the topic of discussion.

A conclusion checklist:

  1. Has the theme of the essay being explained adequately?

Make sure you remind your reader about the topic of discussion. So that he may remember all the solutions and the arguments that you presented.

  1. Did you address the vital agendas of your paper effectively?

The conclusion is the part that is supposed to combine all the main ideas into a simple paragraph. Allowing the reader to gain a better understanding of the topic of discussion.

  1. Make sure your reader is reminded about how crucial the topic is

The conclusion should show the reader how vital the theme of the paper is to society. Justify why you choose the thesis at this point.

  1. Did you bring closure to the reader?

Make sure you bring a sense of ending to the reader. An awkward conclusion might make the reader think the essay continues, but after flipping the page, finds that it is over. The impact of not-so-good closure is intense as the reader is left hanging.

  1. Avoid bringing in new ideas

The conclusion is supposed to bring closure and combine earlier arguments helping the reader understand the topic better. It is hence not supposed to introduce ideas that were not in the paper instead conclude the existing ones.

An example of a conclusion

Through the analysis carried out in this research, I can genuinely say “students should start classes later” Teenagers require a healthy sleep which starting classes later provide. Better sleep leads to increased mental and physical activity during the day. Which in turn boosts their performance and also their behavior. The cost of transportation that may occur from making these changes, can be compensated by energy saving. The improvement of students’ psychology and physic is enough proof that this change is necessary. The effect it would cause on the students’ motivation is however not yet known. I would hence hope further investigation be initiated to see how it would affect their motivation. Further exploration brings clarity into whether or not making this change will positively impact the student or vice versa.


The finishing point is the most crucial part of any activity, be it sports or even writing. Hence a conclusion is vital in a paper. Apply all the guidelines that we have discussed and see the difference in your concluding capability. Practice until you perfect the act of concluding your writings and watch your grades go up.