Utah Book Month (Kindle Unlimited)

In case you didn't already know, this month is the third annual Utah Book Month! 

This is a month to celebrate all things Utah + books. We have an amazing bookish community here in Utah, filled with many amazing authors, book bloggers, publishers, and book stores. <---and seriously check out those lists, because they might surprise you!!

I think the biggest goal of this month, is really to introduce you to all the great books, authors, people, and events Utah has to offer. To get you started this month I wanted to compile a list of books by Utah authors...but quickly realized that would be the longest list EVER. Instead--and because I just discovered the amazingness that is Kindle Unlimited--I've compiled a list of applicable books that are currently available on Kindle Unlimited. Since it was just unveiled, I figured most of you would be in the middle of your free trials, so it's the perfect time for this list. :)

While this is in no way even close to a comprehensive list of books by Utah authors, I think it will give you a good taste. Check out the titles below, and enjoy!

Books by Utah Authors, currently available on Kindle Unlimited
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Anne Bowen
     The Great Math Tattle Battle
Becky Hall
     Morris and Buddy: The Story of the First Seeing Eye Dog
Berin Stephens
     Delroy Versus the Yshtari
     Tales of Myrick the (Not So) Magnificent
Christine Seifert
     The Predicteds
Cindy Bennett
     Screams in the Night: Tales of Terror (anthology)    
     The Experiment (collaboration)
     Whispers of Razari
Cindy M. Hogan
     Confessions of  16-Year-Old VL
David Farland
     The Mooncalfe
Elana Johnson (author of Possession)
     Elevated: A YA Contemporary Romance in Verse
     Elemental Hunger
Eric G. Swedin
    Seeking Valhalla: A Retro Sci-Fi Novel
Jennifer A. Nielson
     Elliot and the Goblin War (entire series available)
Jennifer Latas
Jesse B. Booth
     Core of the Nations: A Novel
     The Network
Julie Mangan
     The Devil Makes Three
     The Devil May Care
     The Devil's Due
Julie Olson
     Little Penguin: The Emperor of Antartica
     Tickle, tickle! Itch, Twitch!
Julie Wright
     Loved Like That
     Spell Check
Ken Baker
     Old MacDonald Had a Dragon
     Cow Can't Sleep
Kristyn Crow
     The Really Groovy Story of the Tortoise and the Hare
Michael Young
     The Canticle Prelude
     Sing We Now of Christmas: An Advent Anthology
Michelle D. Argyle
     Out of Tune
Paul Genesse
     The Golden Cord (entire series available)
Shaun Roundy
     The Perfect Gift
     This. a vampire cure forever
Shaunda Kennedy Wenger
     Little Red Riding Hood: Into The Forest Again
     Reality Bites: Tales of a Half-Vampire
     The Ghost In Me
Stephen Gashler
     Prisoner of the Molepeople
Sydney Salter
     My Big Nose and Other Natural Disasters
     Swoon At Your Own Risk
T.L. Coulter
    The Oracle

Books about Utah
Not from Utah authors

Journey To Utah (western) by Frank Roderus
The Righteous (entire series is available) by Mike Wallace <---I actually think he is a Utah author, but couldn't find proof. :(
The Utah Code Breaker by Denver Acey


  1. Yay! You posted!!! I've missed your blog! This is an awesome list. I've still been contemplating Kindle unlimited, lol. I'm not sure I want to join yet. This may help. ;)

  2. Awesome list! There are several here that I haven't heard of and definitely need to check out.

  3. You posted! I'm so excited! I missed you!


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