2012 Book Blogger Ornament Exchange (Signups CLOSED)

Attention, attention: We interrupt this Halloween season to bring a quick bit of Christmas!

I adore Christmas gift exchanges. It's so fun to get surprises in the mail, and see the creativity of others. This year, instead of exchanging books or presents, I thought it would be fun to exchange bookish ornaments with other book bloggers.

Want to join me in getting and spreading a little bit of joy this year? Here are the deets:

The Reading Fever Book Blogger Ornament Exchange

What is a book blogger ornament exchange, and what do I have to do?
Each person will be randomly paired with another book blogger (buddies!). You'll each spend $5-$10 on an awesome bookish-themed ornament (or MAKE an ornament), and mail it to your buddy just in time for the Christmas season! After receiving your ornament, you'll blog about it to show your appreciation. That's it!

What do I get out of it?
A little piece of book-related holiday CHEER in your mailbox! You'll also get to meet another book blogger, and form a special bond through gift giving. You can't beat that.

Is this open to international bloggers, too?
YES! Woohoo! On the signup sheet, be sure to mark if you are willing to send an ornament internationally, so I can match people up accordingly.

What are the dates of the exchange?
  » Sign ups will run from now, until Nov. 3rd.
  » You will be matched with your exchange buddy no later than Nov. 5th.
  » Packages should be wrapped and mailed no later than Nov. 28th. This ensures that they'll arrive at your buddy's house in time to be displayed throughout the Christmas season.
  » A linky will be provided Dec. 3rd, so you can link up your posts showing what you got!

Ornament Exchange Rules:
  » You must have an active blog. This is so that I can check (and I WILL check) that you're a real person!
  » Packages should be sent no later than Nov. 28th.
  » Please only sign up if you plan to participate. Nothing sucks more than sending something out, but not receiving anything in return.

I am not responsible for packages that are lost, or never sent. I am not responsible for anyone who does not follow through on their end of the exchange. Please be considerate of your buddy!

Sign Up Here
Edit: Signups are now CLOSED. Look for your assignments soon! :)

If you can't see the signup form, click here to be taken to the signup page.

Get the button!
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Click on the photos to be taken to the each ornament's source.

Book Page Ornaments

Twilight Ornaments

Harry Potter Ornaments

Hunger Games Ornaments


  1. I should have scrolled down a bit more before leaving my question. This sounds like fun!

    1. Haha, no worries. If you want even more ideas, Pinterest has some awesome ornaments.

  2. Sounds like so much fun my friends and I make bookish ornaments every year!

  3. This is a wondrous idea! I mean, I would expect a lot of creative ideas like this in the book blogosphere but they are so limited. Thanks for providing one!


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