Maggie, and Lois, and Libba--oh my!

I'm officially naming September and October 2012: Authorpocalypse. There have been/will be SO many awesome author events these two months in Utah! I actually had to pick and choose which events I could make it to, which meant that I didn't make it to all of them.

So for me, it began with the 2012 Smart Chicks Kick-It Tour.
This tour consisted of Kelly Armstrong, Bethany Griffin, Ally Condie, Melissa Marr, Margaret Stohl, and RICHELLE MEAD!! Yep--I was lucky enough to meet Richelle Mead! Unfortunately, the only proof I have of this happening is the most unflattering photo of me ever...but it's proof.
Me and Richelle Mead
 And the best piece of information I gained from the signing? Her favorite TV show is Supernatural. Sweet!

Next up is Maggie Stiefvater, who is just hilarious! She had a story for just about everything, and they were all just so funny. I'm pretty sure she belongs on a stage somewhere.
Maggie Stiefvater

Oh yeah, and she brought the famous other shoe.
Maggie Stiefvater

Her doodle on a book that she gave away! She drew this in 12 minutes flat. 
I, on the other hand, can hardly write my own name. ;)
Maggie Stiefvater's drawing
Most awesome information gained from her signing? Her name wasn't always Maggie Stiefvater. But that's a story she should probably tell you on her own! :)

Next, I had the amazing opportunity to attend a signing by Lois Lowry!
If you haven't heard the story of why Lois Lowry came to visit Provo, this is how it happened:
The director of the Provo Library was at ALA this year when he said, "I'd give my eyeteeth to have Lois Lowry come to Provo." Lois Lowry's tour coordinator happened to be walking by at that moment and overheard, making it all happen this month (minus the eyeteeth payment).

Lois had the most wonderful talk that I thought I had recorded...only to find out afterward, that it never got recorded because there was no more memory on my phone's SD card. Worst. luck. ever. She had some awesome stories! As she talked, I couldn't help but feel extremely luck because I was able to meet her. She's a legend! 

Lois Lowry
Best information I gained from her signing? The photo on the cover of Number The Stars is a photo that she took herself.

I took the following photo from Kami's blog, since not everyone was looking in my photo. Here are most of the book bloggers that were at the signing!
Utah Book Bloggers

Back row, L to R: Jenni from Jenni Elyse, Me, Kami from Kami's Library Thoughts, Emily from Emily's Reading Room 
Front row, L to R: Jennifer from My Life With Books, Suey from It's All About Books, Jenny from Alternate Readality, and Jessica from The Bluestocking Society
Also present, but not pictured: Enna from Squeaky Books, Diana from Diana's Amazing Book Adventures, and Jessica from Books: A True Story.

Lois Lowry signing books.
Lois Lowry

Lastly, I went to the signing of these two:
Shannon Hale and Libba Bray
 ...Shannon Hale and Libba Bray, forevermore known to me as the Ultimate Author Duo. Sounds like an odd pairing, considering their different genres, right? Not so. I have NEVER laughed so much at an author signing! They told outrageously funny stories about their past tours together, and pretty much put on comedy show. It was the best experience. 

Shannon Hale and Libba Bray singing
 At the end of it all, they sang what they say is their traditional closing song: Total Eclipse of the Heart (with only just a few of the correct lyrics), ensuring that I had the song stuck in my head for the entire half-hour ride home. 
Innocent suggestion: if you're going to subject yourself to this song, you simply must watch the literal version.

Shannon Hale
My cousin came with me to the signing, and was super excited to get to meet Shannon Hale! She got her book signed, and got a picture with her...which sort of makes up for the time when I accidentally didn't tell her that Ally Condie (another favorite of hers) would be at the Smart Chicks signing we went to, so she didn't have her book to be signed. Right? (Right.)

I had been so excited to meet Libba Bray, that I pretty much froze and stood there silently as she signed just about every book she has ever written, for me. Then when I finally decided to talk, it was to geniusly tell her what a pain it had been to get to the signing (how many cars can break down in one day? YOU DON'T WANT TO KNOW). Talk about awkward! She'll probably remember me as "that awkward fan from Utah." 

But at least she and Shannon signed all my books! :)

There are still more author events to come this month, but I'm not sure I'll make it to all of them. Other signings you'll possibly hear about:

Susan Beth Pfeffer & Jonathan Maberry (Teen Book Fest)
Becca Fitzpatrick, Kresley Cole, Tonya Hurley, and Elizabeth Miles
Rick Walton & Nathan Hale
Charlaine Harris!!


  1. Your picture of us all together is much better than mine. For one, you can see Kami and Jenny's looking at the camera. :)

    I also love that you took a picture of the raven-drawn book! Thanks for letting me use it on my blog. :)

  2. I totally said something equally stupid when I first met Shannon Hale - about how far it was for me to drive there or something. It was seriously embarrassing. And now I will go take off my jealous-pants. I did get to meet Lois as well (and I think it was the photo on the cover of The Giver, wasn't it? Maybe I'm wrong.)

  3. I love the title of this post! ha ha! I'll be seeing you at Teen Book Fest!!

  4. Nice recap! I wish I could have gone and seen Libba and Shannon. It sounds like it was hilarious!

  5. Great recap of all our fun times! I was so sad to miss Shannon Hale! And did you go to the Teen Fest? If so, we didn't see you! :( Authorpocalpyse. I love it.

  6. Awesome! I feel really jealous! D: I wish I could meet some of my authors but I'm glad you had a great time. :)


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