This post is extremely late in the month, but it still isn't too late to at least begin one last spooky book before Halloween is over! If you're like me, you're staying in tonight and either reading, or watching scary movies (after we take our little ones out for a bit, of course). Need a last-minute recommendation? Look no further. I've got you covered!

Movies & TV:
 I don't think any Halloween will be complete anymore, without watching an episode--any episode--of The Walking Dead. I was also told I needed to watch 28 Days Later, as it is similar to TWD, so I'm adding that one to my list. And Bedlam...well, that show freaked my brother out. And nothing freaks him out.

No, do not watch the Halloween episodes of Buffy, because none of them are scary. But you know which episode IS scary? Hush. Season 4, episode 10. It still creeps me out! And it can be watched without having watched the beginning of the season (or any episodes of Buffy ever), and you'll still get the general feeling of the show.

 I'm not sure it's possible to get through October without watching either Hocus Pocus, or The Witches. They're classics! And I'm adding another to this list, that I'm sure we'll be watching every year: Paranorman. I loved this show, and so did my son. It's good!

Spooky Books:
Links lead to my reviews.

Also known as the three that made me so scared I had to sleep with the light on, these three are guaranteed to make you cringe! And if you really want to get freaked out tonight, try reading Savannah Grey, a.k.a. the first horror book I ever read; a.k.a. the book that gave me nightmares and had me checking my throat for signs of movement.

These first two are less scary, and more creepy and dark...just how I love. Cryer's Cross, on the other hand, is pretty scary!

These last three are just plain fun! The first is fantastic and includes both vampires and zombies, the second is hilarious, and the third is perfect for middle-graders; just spooky enough to get your imagination moving.

What are your plans for tonight? 
Are you staying in, or heading out?


  1. Cool graphic!!! Love it!!! Tonight I am handing out candy Happy Halloween!


  2. Happy Halloween!
    I love that graphic.

    I'm not sure what we're doing tonight (besides giving out candy).
    I have Witches on East End to finish :)
    And I do love me some Hocus Pocus.
    And I'm craving Bell Book and Candle (the movie with Kim Novack).

  3. Honored to be on this list!1!! Thanks, Penelope!!! And... Happy Halloween!!!

  4. I'm staying in. I'm going to finish Blackout by Mira Grant tonight. :D

    I love all the suggestions you gave. I particularly have my eye on Bedlam and Savannah Grace. I haven't heard of Bedlam yet and Savannah Grace might just be the perfect Halloween book. I'm sure you'll enjoy 28 days later if you are really into TWD. There's a sequel for that called 28 weeks later. Which I personally liked better than 28 days later. Maybe you should try Rec too. I'm not a shrieker but I was the loudest when we watched that one. Happy Halloween, Penelope.


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