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I'm pretty sure I jinxed myself last year, when I said I would try to watch only two shows per season. The Fall shows began and I got so caught up in it all, that I ended up watching five or six shows that season...which got very interesting when I had to fight others for space on the DVR. I pretty much went crazy, and it continued through the winter season.

Thankfully, there hasn't been anything I've wanted to watch this summer, so I got a break from TV (cue Netflix, mwahahahaha). But Fall is getting closer, and I can hear my favorites calling...along with some new shows. 

Here's what I'll be watching this year--at least, what I'll be attempting to watch. Wish me luck!


Once Upon a Time Season 2 Poster
Once Upon a Time 
ABC  |  Sundays 8/7c  |  Begins Sept. 30
This show rocked my world last year. I've never seen fairy tales done like this, and I am so excited to see where they take this new season. Magic is coming!

Hart of Dixie Season 2 Poster
Hart of Dixie
CW  |  Tuesdays 8/7c  |  Begins Oct. 2
This show is addicting. There's nothing like watching Rachel Bilson in all her city girl glory, trying to fit in in a small town. It also doesn't hurt that Wade is super hot, and seems to have a lot of shirtless on-screen time.

Vampire Diaries Season 4 Poster
The Vampire Diaries
CW  |  Thursdays 8/7c  |  Begins Oct. 11
LOVE this show! It does vampires right, and I can't seem to get enough. They upped the ante during the last episode of S3. Things are going to be craaaaazy!

The Walking Dead Season 3 Poster
The Walking Dead
AMC  |  Sundays 9/8c  |  Begins Oct. 14
This show gives me a rush like no other. It is so realistic that if there were ever a zombie apocalypse, I'm pretty sure I'll be taking my cues from these guys, when it comes to surviving it.

Supernatural Poster
CW  |  Wednesdays 9/8c  |  Begins Oct. 3
I'm still on season 2 of this show, but I'm completely addicted. I'm trying to work my way through all 7 seasons before this new one starts. Crazy, I know. But I just might be able to do it.

New Shows

Revolution season 1 poster
NBC  |  Mondays 10/9c  |  Begins Sept. 17
This looks awesome. A future world with no power? Sign me up!

Arrow season 1 poster
CW  |  Wednesdays 8/7c  |  Begins Oct. 10
I'm really curious about this one. It's one of those shows that could either be seriously awesome, or awesomely horrible. I'm giving it at least one episode.

Abby & Brittany TLC 
 Abby & Brittany
TLC  |  Fridays 9/8c  |  Begins Sept. 28
Totally curious! It's a show about conjoined teenage twins with an awesome sense of humor.

Breaking Amish TV show TLC
Breaking Amish
TLC  |  Sundays 9/8c  |  Begins Sept. 9
A show about Amish and Mennonite teens, who are deciding they want to live among The English (us). I don't think I'll watch this one religiously (no pun intended), but I'm definitely curious, and I know I'll watch it every now and then.

What shows will you be watching?


  1. I remember those conjoined twins from Oprah! They were only kids at the time, but I have never forgotten them. I've pretty much given up on TLC since the Jon & Kate tabloid days, but I might have to check that show out.

    I could never limit myself to 2 shows to watch, but I have to say I'm much more particular about what I watch. I love Hart of Dixie as a guilty pleasure; it's not great TV but it's like comfort food. I just like it!

    You might manage a Supernatural binge since the new season doesn't start until October. Do you have a DVR? VCR? What I do is record the new season while I'm catching up and then I have it when I'm ready. I did this with a ton of shows, including Supernatural when season 6 aired (seasons 1-5 are SO GOOD!).

    I'm looking forward to Revolution -- JJ Abrams + Supernatural creator Eric Kripke! -- but having it air on NBC worries me; they do not fare well with sci-fi inspired shows. Heroes started out amazing and was a trainwreck after that. They cancel most of their shows before they have a chance to grow. I wish ABC had gotten it; LOST was so polarizing but they really supported the show and it was one of their most successful ever.

  2. I watched Once Upon a Time over the summer and was hooked! I can't wait until the end of September for it to start back up (and it'll be on the same night as Revenge!).

  3. I can't wait for Once Upon a Time and Vampire Diaries. I'm sure that I'll see the zombie one because the Hubby loves it.

  4. I can't wait for Once Upon a Time and arrow

  5. I am looking forward to The Amazing Race, Once Upon A Time (here in Canada, CTV airs one of them earlier), Bones, and Breaking Amish. I am also looking forward to Blue Bloods, Modern Family and Big Bang.

  6. Omg. Once Upon a Time, Hart of Dixie, The Vampire Diaries, and Arrow? I'm so super stoked about every single one of them! You should check out some of the other new shows that the CW are premiering this fall! They have so many new interesting shows premiering!

  7. Ah, the wonderful world of TV addiction. ;) I'm so happy you like Supernatural. It's one of my favorites. If you really commit, I have faith you can catch up. I'm going to give Arrow a try too but I'm worried. We shall see.

  8. Breaking Amish!? Wish I had cable.
    Abby & Brittany sounds fascinating.
    Ooooooooooooooooo the Once Upon a Time poster is fantastic. I hadn't seen it. Totally awesome. I can not wait.
    I love love love love love passionately love Hart of Dixie. That ending! I can't wait to see where they go!
    Revolution is totally on me and Mr. Whimsy's watch together list.

  9. I think Revolution looks like a Hunger Games wannabe thing. You'll have to let us know how it is. I'm excited for Parenthood this fall!!!

  10. This is awesome and reminded me of a few shows I need to add to my DVR. I went ahead and listed mine too with a link back here.

    My Line Up

  11. Hello, doll!! I just ran across your blog..it's so cute! I'm a book reading addict and reviewer too! :))

    I'm thinking of watching the one about Beauty & the Beast... maybe it'll be ok? But I'm not sure if I can watch Arrow...I used to be a huge Smallville fan, and somehow, in my mind, NO ONE can be Arrow but Oliver!! waaa :'( lol

    p.s. Have a lovely week!


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