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Okay so I skipped day 2 because of a book tour I participated in. But today I'm back and ready to roll with the AcBEA crowd once again. Today's topic is networking--specifically, our experiences with our local bloggers, book stores, and libraries. Here goes!

My experiences with local networking have been pretty freaking awesome. It wasn't long before I discovered that Utah has a huge book blogger base, and that they are constantly getting together. This is mainly due to Natasha from Maw Books Blog, who--as I understand it--was both the brains and muscle behind getting everyone to come together in the first place. By the time I entered the picture last year, Utah blogger & author socials were already a twice-yearly thing, and author signings were the unofficial places where everyone would meet in-between the socials.

Utah is a happening place to be if you're a book blogger or author, that's for sure. 

I'm pretty shy and all, but I'm getting more comfortable now that I'm getting to know some of these bloggers better. Though it's only been a year, I think there have been some great experiences already. Last year I attended the Utah Festival of Books, where I got to meet some super cool authors and listen to some great panels. I went to my first and second Utah blogger socials and met awesome bloggers and even authors (gasp!), and then saw them again at other signings throughout the year. This year I was lucky enough to be able to watch The Hunger Games with Utah book bloggers (and am just now realizing I never blogged about it). 

But I think the best experience so far was being asked to be part of a book blogging panel for a writing class at BYU (which Enna from Squeaky Books transcribed) a few months ago. It was cool to go and do that, and it forced me to think a lot deeper about my blog and blogging habits. Plus it made me feel all special inside. :) 

I've loved getting to know these bloggers who are in my state, and interacting with them. It's been great to meet others who share my love of books, and who I know I will see at almost any author signing I ever go to (because let's face it--I was always going alone before). Can I just get sappy on you now, and give a huge thank you to the other Utah book bloggers? Yes? 

That's the power of community networking. ;)

For your viewing pleasure:
Beth Revis, Penelope Lolohea, and Andrea Cremer
Beth Revis & Andrea Cremer!
Breathless Reads Tour, Feb. 2011
The first Utah blogger social I went to - Feb. 2011
(Picture from and with Shanda from LDSWBR, because I was too nervous to take any!)
Penelope Lolohea with Jessica Day George
Jessica Day George!
Utah Festival of Books, June 2011
Utah book bloggers with Becca Fitzpatrick, Elana Johnson, Moira Young, and Michelle Hodkin.
Authorlink with Becca Fitzpatrick, Elana Johnson, Moira Young, and Michelle Hodkin
Oct. 2011
David Archuleta at the Utah Festival of Books
Oh, and the closest I've ever been to Utah fame:
David Archuleta, courtesy of the Utah Festival of Books!

*If you are from Utah and you want updates on all the happenings, be sure to sign up for Emily's Utah book blogger newsletter! She keeps us up-to-date on all the happenings, and even has some extra special events for Utah bloggers. You don't want to miss them.


  1. Just talked about this at the twitter party and how envious I am :) Still wishing I could manage to find something this awesome in Lexington but maybe something will unveil itself through Armchair? #wishfulthinking? :)

    Thanks for sharing the pics :)
    Leila | The Fiction Pixie

  2. How awesome you have something like this!

    Shelleyrae @ Book'd Out

  3. JESUS CHRIST in the HEAVENS!! O______O can I say -envy much?-
    Oh my god!!! And you got asked to be on a panel? What better nirvana can there be for a blogger?!

    You're s lucky you live in Utah then!!! :)

    Hope you continue enjoying all the events!!! >.< I'm shy too...but I think even my shy persona wouldn't be able to resist going to an event :D

    1. T_T I forgot!
      Here's my post, Bookpics is Talking Networking!

  4. Dallas has that community too--isn't it the best! Seriously, I wouldn't trade a good bookish community in for anything :)

    I loved all the pictures of y'all getting together and the author pics. You are a lucky lucky gal!

  5. Utah! Man you guys breed the coolest authors.

  6. Awesome plug for our awesome bookish place! :)

  7. Love the Utah bloggers and literary scene - it really rocks!

  8. That's awesome that you have a great blogging community in Utah! Sounds like a lot of fun! :)
    My Networking Post

  9. We do have awesome bloggers here! And, I would've never guessed you're shy. You're always so nice and friendly when I see you. :) And, The Hunger Games movie party was awesome!!!

  10. I wish I lived in Utah!! I'm always hearing about the fabulous socials and signings going on there. I definitely need to get something like that going on here in Texas!

    -Aneeqah @ My Not So Real Life

  11. We don't ahve much here in teh way of blogging conferences and such, but it sounds like a great way to meet people!

  12. Thanks for that Utah newsletter link! I didn't know about it :) Utah is the best and the Hunger Games Movie was a blast!!

  13. As a Utah blogger, I love that I can go to a bookish event and see at least one person I know. It's so fun!


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