Bella Swan And The Huntsman | A Parody

Snow White and the Huntsman

I went and watched the midnight showing of Snow White and the Huntsman last night. Partly because I wanted to see how terribly KStew could mess up Show White, but mostly because I will watch anything with either of the Hemsworth brothers in it--especially Thor Chris. (And BOY does he deliver!)

The movie itself really wasn't that bad. KStew messed it up a lot, but the other characters carried more than their fair share of the movie, making it a bit redeemable in my eyes. But maybe it was the mood I was in when I watched it, or maybe it's the fact that KStew can only portray one character, and one character alone, but I saw a lot of similarities to Twilight in the movie. I couldn't help but laugh my head off about them...which probably caused the audience to wonder why I was laughing at the weirdest parts. Then again, the audience was laughing at some odd parts as well, and I even heard a few "like Twilight" whispers now and then, so maybe it's not just me.

The movie really isn't anything like Twilight--unless you're me, and you can read between the lines and jump to conclusions like the best of them. Here's what that got me:

*Thar be spoilers ahead, so read at yer own risk!*

In which Snow White becomes Bella Swan:

  • Edward Creepy brother watches Bella Snow White while she sleeps.
  • Bella Snow White goes cliff diving! No Edward ghosts here.
  • Bella Snow White gets lost and falls asleep on the forest floor midst leaves, bracken, mud, bugs, and spiders.
  • Bella Snow White confronts a werewolf troll, and becomes Bella Snow White the werewolf monster whisperer.
  • Bella Snow White gets bitten by a vampire bites an apple, and practically has sezures, a la ballet studio scene. Seriously--this one was right out of the Twilight movie.
  • Bella Snow White goes to sleep all peaceful-like (after just having had seizures, of course), when inwardly she is transforming into a vampire! (Okay, that one's a lie, but I totally pictured it in my head).

In which other movies are drawn into it all:

  • Aslan (our favorite, and most elusive, Chronicles of Narnia lion) appears and leads Lucy Pevensie Snow White to him in  a trance-like state. She finds him in all his dream-like, morning sunlit, glory, taking the form of a lion buck.
  • The Fellowship even makes an appearance, so keep an eye out for the scene where the camera pans over the majestic mountains as the group hikes along the cliffs, tailed by Gimli and the other six dwarfs, all on their journey to help Frodo Snow White.
  • Don't forget Legolas! He's dyed his hair black, but his pretty face and skill with a bow cannot be hidden from a fan like me.
  • And finally, in a stunning turn of events, Voldemort himself has a cameo! Be sure to watch for this, as it is brought to you courtesy of the fairest (for now) of them all--the evil queen.

Have you seen Snow White and The Huntsman? What did you think of it?


  1. O wow. That is some serious comparisons. I can't wait to see it and see what you mean. Awesome post. Thanks for your report :)

  2. Ugh. This movie looks so good...but Kstew...I kind of hate her. She's horrible. Have you ever saw a interview with her? She's Bella Swan in those too. Which means she really has zero acting skills. I think it's funny how she hardly has any lines in any of the trailers for Snow White. :)
    Anyway! I love your parodies! :D

  3. ha ha! This made me laugh. I really don't want to see it just because Kristin Stewart is in it.


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