Harry Potter Reading Challenge Twitter Party!

Hey y'all!
Tonight is the night of the Harry Potter Reading Challenge Twitter party! Our theme is "Things I Would Do At Hogwarts." Are you excited? I am!

The fun starts at 8pm MST.  
Be there, or face Professor Umbridge's wrath.

 Need an easier way to chat on Twitter? Keep track of the conversation using one of these Twitter chat sites:

Tweet Grid (this is what I'll be using)

Just go to one of these sites, enter our hashtag (#2012HPRC), and add me as the moderator/host (@readingfever). You'll be good to go!


  1. I'm hoping to join tonight, but it depends on a few things. Just in case I can't make it, here's what I'd do at Hogwarts:

    1. Go to Hogsmeade and try a real butterbeer and go to Honeydukes and Zonko's.
    2. Fly a broom.
    3. Eat all the delicious food during one of the awesome feasts.
    4. Get sorted ... into Slytherin. Yep, I'm a Slytherin, but I'm a nice Slytherin, lol.
    5. Learn how to clean, cook, and do the laundry with my wand so I'd have more time to read.
    6. Play Quidditch, although I'm fairly certain I'd be like Hermione and suck at it.
    7. Find the Room of Requirement.
    8. Have a water balloon fight with Peeves.
    9. Venture into the Forbidden Forest at least once and as long as I stayed far, far, far away from Aragog's descendants.
    10. Ride a Hippogriff.

  2. I love this list! Your number 7 is awesome; I didn't even think of that. Hope you can make it tonight! :)

  3. I'm sure this was a fabulous tweet party. Unfortunately, I'm not reading the series at the moment. BUT, I wanted to say thank you for linking to the Twitter chat sites. VERY helpful.


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