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Edit: Due to medical obligations, the Twitter discussion party for this month has been moved to May. Sorry for the inconvenience!

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire Book Cover
Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire Discussion Questions

This month the discussion questions come from another source: The Galesburg Public Library. I came across their  book club discussion PDF, and was very impressed with their questions (they are a whole lot better than anything I came up with).

  1. Do you have a favorite scene or line in Goblet?
  2. Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire opens in Tom Riddle, Sr.’s parents’ home, unlike the previous three books which opened in the Dursleys’ home. This chapter is most unusual in the Harry Potter canon, in that it is not told from Harry’s viewpoint. How does the change of setting for the beginning of this book affect the tone of the book? Why do you think Rowling departed from the expected setting for the beginning?
  3. At the World Cup, mask-wearing wizards torment the muggles: “A crowd of wizards, tightly packed and moving together with wands pointing straight upward, was marching slowly across the field. Harry squinted at them....They didn’t seem to have faces....Then he realized that their heads were hooded and their faces masked”. Compare this moment of torment to other times when groups of people have worn hoods and masks to cover their identities. What does the masking of a face tell us about the nature of evil?
  4. How does young Crouch manage to trick everyone into thinking he is the real Moody? 
  5. After Harry hangs around with the mermaid people to make sure all the hostages are rescued, he is awarded points for his “moral fiber.”  Do you agree with this prize? How much moral fiber does Harry show?
  6. When Harry faces death from Voldemort, he refuses to cower before him and refuses to answer his questions. At one point, Voldemort tries to get Harry to bend to his will by answering a question. Instead of succumbing to the Imperio demand, Harry’s will takes over: “I will not, said a stronger voice, in the back of his head, I won’t answer....” Then when Voldemort moves to kill him, Harry “knew one thing only, and it was beyond fear or reason: He was not going to die kneeling at Voldemort’s feet...he was going to die upright like his father, and he was going to die trying to defend himself, even if no defense was possible... .”  Did Harry have this much will power and courage in the first book? What significant events helped him  develop the courage he now has? 
  7. A lot of elements that come into play in later books are introduced in Goblet. Can you think of some examples?
  8. Harry tells Sirius and Dumbledore what happened in the graveyard. When Harry told of Wormtail piercing his arm with the dagger, … Sirius let out a vehement exclamation and Dumbledore stood up so quickly that Harry started. Dumbledore walked around the desk and told Harry to stretch out his arm. Harry showed them both the place where his robes were torn and the cut beneath them. “He said my blood would make him stronger than if he’d used someone else’s,” Harry told Dumbledore. “He said the protection my – my mother left in me – he’d have it too. And he was right – he could touch me without hurting himself, he touched my face.” For a fleeting instant, Harry thought he saw a gleam of something like triumph in Dumbledore’s eyes. But next second, Harry was sure he had imagined it, for when Dumbledore had returned to his seat behind the desk, he looked as old and weary as Harry had ever seen him. So what’s up with that “gleam of triumph” in Dumbledore’s eyes? 
  9.  In the hospital wing after Harry’s ordeal, this exchange takes place: “Severus,” said Dumbledore, turning to Snape, “you know what I must ask you to do. If you are ready…if you are prepared…” “I am,” said Snape. He looked slightly paler than usual, and his cold, black eyes glittered strangely. “Then good luck,” said  Dumbledore, and he watched, with a trace of apprehension on his face, as Snape swept wordlessly after Sirius. Where did Snape go? What was Dumbledore asking him to do?
  10. After the ordeal Harry has been through in the graveyard, Professor McGonagall wants to take Harry to the hospital wing. Dumbledore stops her, saying “He will stay, Minerva, because he needs to understand. Understanding is the first step to acceptance, and only with acceptance can there be recovery. He needs to know who has put him through the ordeal he has suffered tonight, and why.” What do you think is the significance of this? Is Dumbledore right? 
  11. Later on, Dumbledore says to Fudge, “You place too much importance, and always have done, on the so-called purity of blood! You fail to recognize that it matters not what someone is born, but what they grow to be!” Who are some of the people Dumbledore might be thinking of when he says this?
  12. Would Harry have succeeded at the tasks he faced in The Goblet of Fire without outside assistance? What does this reveal about Harry’s character?
  13. In The Goblet of Fire, we learn that when Voldemort killed Harry’s parents, Harry survived the attack due to his mother’s sacrifice. Voldemort explains that “His mother died in the attempt to save him—and unwittingly provided him with a protection I admit I had not foreseen....I could not touch the boy.” As a result of surviving that attack Harry is labeled a great wizard, but has Harry truly earned that title? To what extent would you say that Harry is not so much “great” as lucky? In all that Harry does, how much is he acting of his own free will, and how much is he simply living out what from his birth has been his destiny?
  14. The last chapter of book four is titled “The Beginning.” Why would the last chapter carry this title? What is beginning? What has ended?

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  1. Prisoner of Azkaban is my favourite Harry Potter book because I love Lupin and Sirius as characters.

  2. Prisoner of Azkaban is also my favorite. I just love the complexity of the story. And, I love that it's different than most of the other books. Voldemort really is only a secondary character in it, unlike all the others where he plays a major role.

  3. My favourite is Goblet of Fire.It is where all of them are more funny and don't forget that they don't cut their hair! Lol =.=

  4. My favourite is The Deathly Hallows... Just because of it's overall epic-ness!

  5. My favorite would be the first one. When Harry just discovered that he's a wizard and their first adventures happened. I get nostalgic just by remembering...

  6. Prisoner of Azkaban is my favorite... I joined the reading challenge last week and that's the book I'm on now (re-reading the series!)

  7. Deathly Hallows is my favorite. It made me cry big fat tears and I'll never forget that. Chamber of Secrets is a close second. I was shocked that a middle grade book had me afraid to go to sleep with voices about death....kill......WHAA!

  8. I liked the second book, Chamber of Secrets the most because we got to see Harry settling into becoming a wizard and the scene was already set from the first book. It just kept getting better.

  9. The Half Blood Prince is my favorite of the series.

  10. My favorite Harry Potter book is the Prizoner of Azkaban was my favorite Harry Potter book because I loved all of the new characters they introduced (especially Sirius). Plus this was the first out of the series that I read (I was four or five years old), out of order right?!

  11. I really feel bad entering since I'm really left behind. But I swear I'm going to catch up, Penelope! :) My fave book would be Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. Prizoner of Azkaban comes in a close second.

    1. Oh, no worries! I'm glad you entered, regardless of how far into reading them, you are. :)


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