Foreign Cover Friday: The Secret Hour

Foreign Cover Friday is a weekly meme hosted by me (The Reading Fever), where foreign covers of the books we know and love are spotlighted and discussed. To join, either pick your favorite foreign cover, or pick many foreign covers, and start discussing! 

This week's featured cover is:

Language: English (US & CAN)
I've always really liked the original cover for this book (the one on the left). I picked this book up a long time ago without realizing the author was Scott Westerfeld (I had just finished reading Uglies, and adored it), purely because of the haunting look of the cover. I've always been drawn to images that are kind of eerie. Anyway, I'm not a huge fan of the newer cover because I'm kind of over seeing faces on covers. I do really like that the title and information is rotated, though. It makes it look different.

 Language: English (UK, as far as I can tell)
I like this cover on the right; it's still got that eerie feeling, and the title is big and gold.

 Languages: Dutch & French
Dutch translation: The Secret Hour
French translation: The Secret Hour
This Dutch cover isn't too bad; I like the photo. Does it remind anyone else of a CD cover, though?

Languages: German & Italian
German translation: The Chosen 
Italian translation: The Secret Hour: The Diaries of Midnight
Yay for the German edition! I really like that cover, and I like what they did with the title, too. As for the Italian cover, I think of Romeo & Juliet when I look at it (and we all know how I feel about Romeo & Juliet).

 Language: Spanish Portuguese (Thanks Anais!)
Spanish Portuguese translation: Time Secret
Ooh, pretty green colors on this first cover! It's not my favorite, but I like the color a lot.

What are your thoughts? 
Which covers do you like? Which do you hate?

Thanks for joining me for Foreign Cover Friday.

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  1. The latest covers aren't spanish. They are portuguese.

    1. Thanks Anais! I can't ever tell, so I just go by whichever language comes up when I enter the titles in Google Translate. In this case, is was Spanish (which keeps happening). Glad you caught that so I can change it. :)

  2. I'm not really sure whether I'd pick up any of these if I saw them in a bookstore... but I definitely prefer the original / German cover. Thanks for sharing! I just love every excuse to stare at covers. :D

    Fictional Distraction

  3. I really like the cover at the very top-- the one on the right! That's actually the version I own, haha. :D I love the expression on the model's face, and the purple is very cool. My favorite foreign cover is probably the Dutch one, although it DOES make it look a little MG-y instead of a YA book.

  4. The top left one is my favorite, I've actually never seen that one before. I've seen the top right one most frequently. The Italian one is also very pretty but I agree with you it's very Romeo & Juliet. I'm so bummed I never got around to posting my FCF yesterday =(

  5. I agree that I'm tired of seeing faces on covers but I still like the Portuguese cover when the green. It just sticks out to me.


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