Reaping Winner!

Well, well, well...the time has come to choose one courageous young man or woman, for the honor receiving the reaping prize!

From the glass bowl, the name has been picked! It is:

Caroline Foxwell!

Congratulations, Caroline!
Keep an eye out for my email, and don't forget to respond within 48 hours. :)

And to the rest of you, remember that there's always next year. May the odds be ever in your favor, for who knows what will happen at a Quarter Quell! 


Here are some of my favorite answers to the entry option of leaving a comment with the name of a favorite character:

Amy said,
"My favorite character is definitely Rue. She's this tiny thing with a big heart that doesn't want to give up even when all the odds are against her!" ^__^

Izabella said,
"My favourite character is Finnick with Katniss as a close second. Actually, probably up to the second part of Catching fire, she's be my favourite, but then I begun to really love Finnick :)."

Juliet said,
"Katniss! I really feel a connection with her character."

Beth S. said,
"I don't think I have a favorite. I think I love Cinna right now just because Lenny Kravitz is absolutely swoon-worthy!"

April X said,
"Finnick. No contest. :) I have so much love for him and Annie. *sniffles*"

Yahong said,
"Favourite character? Hm. Can I be creepy and say President Snow? The way his character developed at the end of Mockingjay was totally fascinating!"

Sophia said,
"I know I'm SO in the minority for this, but I LOVE Haymitch. I've loved him since the beginning and my friends think I'm crazy. I love his wisdom and snarkiness--I think he's such a great mentor. And I love how he's so relatable to Katniss."

Thank you so much to everyone who entered!

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