Heroine Tourney Round 4: Katniss vs. Tessa!!

It's time to vote!

 Katniss is up against Tessa for the next 24 hours! We've made it to the Fierce Four! Click the link above to be taken to the blog post, and use the voting box just before the comments section to support our Mockingjay.

Tessa is going to be SUPER tough to beat, so we need every vote we can get! I am not opposed to resorting to to desperate measures. In fact, here is a cute little QR code that you can scan and use to vote on your phones. ;)

Ready to vote? Okay. Let's run this thing!

Below is part of my argument from the post you'll see on the YA Sisterhood blog.

Why should you vote for Katniss?

Katniss and Tessa.
I couldn't even begin to compare these two heroines. Where does one begin to say how much courage, strength, or perseverance a character must have to be the best heroine? Exactly how much butt do they have to kick to be called the best? Does that cancel out all the other important qualities we like to see in a heroine? Without both characters having the same experiences, something like that is immeasurable. Tessa is a heroine in her own story, just as Katniss is in hers.

But I will tell you something: Katniss is, and always will be, my #1 heroine. I relate to her. I can understand her reasons and actions. I cried with her, I got angry with her, and I have experienced something inspiring every single time I have read her story.

But I realized something during the last Heroine Tourney that made me think I've been going about this the wrong way. I want Katniss to win this tournament because I strongly believe she deserves it, but I don't want her to be misrepresented.

So here is what I DON'T want you to do:
Don't vote for Katniss JUST because you're in love with Peeta or Gale. They are not central to her motives, and it would be a poor choice to vote for a heroine because of the men in her story.
Don't vote for Katniss JUST because she's a kick-butt heroine. There is more to our heroine than this!

Jennifer Lawrence herself--the actress playing Katniss--said, "The cool thing about Katniss is that every fan has such a personal relationship with her and they understand and know her in a singular way....(quote credit below) Jennifer could not be more correct.

So here is what I DO want you to do:
Vote for Katniss because she inspires something in you.
Vote for Katniss because she's the type of person you want to be.
Vote for Katniss because she made you re-evaluate the condition of the world.
Vote for Katniss because she made you want to change something in the world.
Vote for Katniss because she seems so much like a sister.
Vote for Katniss because you see some part of yourself in her.
Vote for Katniss because she is the role model you believe in.
Vote for Katniss because her story convinced you to try other books, or brought out your inner reader.

These are the reasons why you should vote for Katniss; each one created from phrases found in actual reviews and thoughts of The Hunger Games books, across the web. I believe Katniss to be the very epitome of the word 'heroine.' If even one of these reasons matches you, then vote for Katniss today. Inspiration of her magnitude deserves recognition.


  1. Having not read either of the books (but you'll be pleased to know I do plan on it before the film comes out), I voted for Katniss out of solidarity.

  2. I have no idea why/how Tessa is ahead right now. Tessa is one of those I would have categorized as a "female lead" not a "heroine." Stuff happens to her and she reacts, where Katniss makes stuff happen.

    There's a big difference in my opinion. I voted for Katniss.


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