Class of 2K12 Interview: Caroline Starr Rose

Today I have children's author Caroline Starr Rose here to talk about her book May B., which hits shelves today!
This is the first of 12 short interviews with various Class of 2K12 authors, which will be featured on my blog throughout the year.

Can you tell us a little bit about yourself and any hobbies you have?
I’m a former middle school language arts and social studies teacher. I love reading,
running, and spending time with my husband and two boys. I love my quiet, simple life.

What do you want readers to feel after reading May B.?
I’d love for kids to know we all feel flawed in some way, but that this shouldn’t define who we are or what we’re capable of.

What was the hardest scene or chapter to write, and why?
The hardest scene to write shows May reading a poem called The Voice of the Wind
and the struggles she has with the whole process. It was a challenge to convey her
anxiety, show the stilted way she approached reading, and let her growing confidence
become apparent by the way I structured my own poem.

What has been the most rewarding part of having your book published?
I don’t know if I could name just one thing, though if I had to it would be getting a lovely
blurb from Karen Cushman. I’d taught her novels for years. To see she’d not only read
but loved my book was exhilarating and unbelievable.

And just for fun: Everyone has a bizarre hidden talent. Care to share yours?
I can still recite the fuel used in the space ship that visited The Mushroom Planet:

Thanks for taking the time to stopping by, Caroline! 

About Caroline
Caroline Starr Rose spent her childhood in the deserts of Saudi Arabia and New Mexico, camping at the Red Sea in one and eating red chile in the other. As a girl she danced ballet, raced through books, composed poetry on an ancient typewriter, and put on magic shows in a homemade cape. She’s taught both social studies and English in New Mexico, Florida, Virginia, and Louisiana. In her classroom she worked to instill in her students a passion for books, the freedom to experiment with words, and a curiosity about the past.

Caroline has recently returned to Albuquerque, New Mexico, where she lives with her husband and two sons.

Find Caroline here:  Website  /  Goodreads  /  Facebook  /  Blog

May B. is available today!
I watch the wagon
until I see nothing on the open plain.
For the first time ever,
I am alone.

May is helping out on a neighbor’s homestead—just until Christmas, her pa promises . But when a terrible turn of events leaves her all alone, she must try to find food and fuel—and courage—to make it through the approaching winter.

This gorgeous novel in verse by Caroline Starr Rose will transport you to the Kansas prairie—to the endless grassland, and to the suffocating closeness of the sod house where May is stranded.

May’s eloquent, straightforward voice, and her bravery, determination, and willingness to risk it all will capture your heart.

Purchase May B.:  Amazon  /  Barnes & Noble  /  Book Depository


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