Team Katniss BLACKOUT

Edit: Voting is now open! Vote for Katniss HERE.

Yep, you read it right. Katniss' next match against Alex (Half-Blood) on the 30th is a BLACKOUT MATCH! Ever been to a blackout football game? It's a total psyche out. That's what we're going for! 
We're decking out in black, and kicking the match off with a blackout Twitter party where you can win some pretty cool prizes.

So how do you participate?
Blackout your blog, Twitter page, and anything else you can think of, using the background I've provided below. They will look like the background on my blog (I'm all decked out!). 
Then come join us using the hashtag #TKBLACKOUT on Dec. 29th, at 11pm EST.

Voting for the match will begin right after the Twitter party, at midnight EST!

Don't want to blackout your blog?
That's okay. Just take a banner or button and post it on your blog, or use it as your profile pic, and then join us in the chat (#TKBLACKOUT). Don't forget to vote afterward!

The best Twitter chat platforms to use are TweetGrid or Tweet Chat
The hashtag is: #TKBLACKOUT
The host is (me): @readingfever

What can you win?
During the Twitter party, I'll be giving away:
  • 3 glass tile pendants
  • vinyl Team Katniss stickers
  • 1 Team Katniss shirt.

Hope to see you there!!

Blackout Items
Use these to deck out your blog, Twitter page, Tumblr, profile photo, and anything else you can think of!

Right click and save, or use the link provided; must be set to tile.

Right click and save, or use the link provided; must be set to tile.



  1. Love the new look and I'm all pumped up for this! I'm too scared to messed up with my blog so I think I'll just change my Twitter background. :D

  2. Sarah: Totally fine! BTW, I saw your Twitter page, and it looks great! :)

  3. Where can i buy that t shirt in mens large?! I've looked all over cafepress, Amazon, and various other places but that t shirt above is by far the best!! I would purchase in a heartbeat!


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