Hunger Games Pendant Giveaway WINNER!

The winner of the glass tile Hunger Games pendant is:

Bailey from Novel Nerd

Congratulations, Bailey!
I'll be in touch with you soon, so be sure to check your email. 

Thanks to everyone who entered.There will be more Hunger Games themed giveaways coming up soon!

Remember that Katniss' next match in the Tournament of Heroines is on the 23rd! Come out and vote!

Now, for the comments! This has become my favorite part of doing giveaways--seeing YOUR answers to the questions I leave. This time the comment entry was:

Leave your favorite line (ONE) from any of the arguments in the Tournament of Heroines. 
Which line was most influential to you?

See some of your answers below!

Candice said:
My favorite supporting line for Katniss is: "She takes what the world gives her and reacts to it in a way that benefits those around her; letting love, compassion, and fear guide her." It is so perfect for her.
(Said about Katniss, in Katniss vs. Fire)
Also chosen by May.

No matter the job, she does what it takes to protect humans from the undead.
(Said about Janie, in Bella vs. Janie)

TayteH said:
"Forget the girl who was on fire; remember the girl who IS Fire."
Though I voted for Katniss, this line did tempt me to vote for Fire. :D
(Said about Fire, in Katniss vs. Fire)
Also chosen by Alexis.

Jessirae said:
Favorite line: "Everything Katniss does in the series can be attributed to one of these: love, compassion, fear"
Many things drives us to do something that has significant importance to us and this line is what does it for me too. I can relate to Katniss in her courage and strength to push on during the games not out of her benefit, but for her love ones. When I read THG I wanted to be just like her.
(Said about Katniss, in Katniss vs. Fire)

P.S. Did you see the new Hunger Games poster? I'm going crazy over it. Less than 100 days left!

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