Heroine Tourney Match: Katniss vs. Sophie (It's That Time Again!)

Just two weeks ago Katniss went up against Fire in the Tournament of Heroines, and emerged the victor.
It is her turn again, as she faces off against Sophie (Hex Hall) TONIGHT! Voting opens at midnight tonight, EST.

The photo above will take you to the page where you can vote.
FYI: The winner is announced right after the voting closes, so we'll know the outcome almost immediately.

Sadly, I will be working when the voting first opens, and also the night that it ends (Fri. night). I have scheduled tweets ahead of time, and will be doing everything I can to keep up with the progress of the match. I'll be in contact with a few people on Twitter to see about getting their help.

Will you help a girl out?

Please tweet as much as you can, using the hashtags: #HeroineTourney & #TeamKatniss.
Post about it on your blog/tumblr/facebook.
Grab a button and post it somewhere--anywhere.

Most importantly: Vote, vote, VOTE!
Each and every one of your votes counts (as do your friend's votes, and your friend's freind's votes). Katniss' success is totally dependent upon all of YOU, Team Katniss, so let's ROCK this tournament again!

(And thanks in advance for your help while I'll be out!)

Questions? Catch me on Twitter, or email me. I don't bite. :)

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