Foreign Cover Friday: Looking For Alaska

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Foreign Cover Friday is a weekly meme hosted by me (The Reading Fever), where foreign covers of the books we know and love are spotlighted and discussed. To join, either pick your favorite foreign cover, or pick many foreign covers, and start discussing! 

This week's featured cover is:

Looking For Alaska by John Green
English language editions for US & UK  (Left: 2005 hardcover  /  Right: 2007 paperback)

I just got bought this book, and am looking forward to reading it. I've heard so many good things about it, and some of these covers show what I assume to be really cool parts of the story.
Starting with these two covers, I am not into the cover on the right at all. I'm just not drawn by pure text (okay, so there is a small flower). I do really like the cover on the right. The smoke coming up from the candle is a.) a strong photo, and b.) striking. It makes me want to know more about the story immediately.

Left: 2008 English language paperback  /  Right: 2011 English language paperback 
Not into the cover on the left; it shows a girl's face, some hair, and gives me no idea of what's inside the book. The cover on the right is cool. The font appeals to me (traditional, with some modern curves on the ends of the letters), and I like the water and colors.

Left: Dutch language editions (Left: /  Middle: Dutch language paperback  /  Right: Dutch language paperback
 Dutch translation: Looking For Alaska
 No, no, and no. For starters: I'm really not drawn to YA books with cigarettes on the cover. Call me prude if you must. The middle cover has a cool handwritten font, but the girl's eyes look like a cat's, and that sort of scares me since I know this isn't a paranormal. The right cover is like the one above, and I don't like it any more than that one.

 French language editions (Left: 2007 /  Right: 2011)
 French translation: Alaska Who Are You?
This cover on the right is pretty cool. It's close to the mosty-text covers above, but the photo on the bottom is bigger and draws more attention. So you see why I like it, don't you? No? Okay, I know I'm picky. I did try that maze at the bottom though; it leads to a dead end. :( The cover on the right is cool. Teens sitting up on a wall staring at you (only their heads are cut off). I like it.

 German language paperback editions (Left: 2007  /  Right: 2009)
German translation: Looking For Alaska
Dirty foot (at least it looks like it), dirty pool, broken concrete, and absolutely no idea what happens in the book. Not a fan.

 Italian language editions (Left: 2006 hardcover  /  Right: 2009 paperback)
Italian translation: Looking for Alaska. Who are you? Who were you? Why did you go?
 The cover on the left has me wondering if there is a doll in the book somewhere. I'll have to read it and see, but the fact that the doll is laughing at the viewer, and that she's got chic bangs, is pretty cool. I like the colors on the right cover, but not the photo.

 Spanish language editions
Spanish translation: Looking For Alaska
More mazes! I like both of these covers; the left, because of the shoe at the bottom that finally gives me a clue that something might actually go wrong in this book, and the right, because of the guy in the maze with binoculars.

Left: Serbian language edition  /  Right: Swedish language edition
Serbian translation: Looking For Alaska
Swedish translation: Where Is Alaska?
 These two are my favorites. I love how spunky the shoes in the left cover are. I have the feeling the book has something to do with a girl's shoes. I also like the roadtrip feeling I get from the right cover, and the photo and paper clippings. It's easily my favorite.

What are your thoughts? 
Which covers do you like? Which do you hate?

Thanks for joining me for Foreign Cover Friday.
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  1. I like the Swedish and the English 2011 edition! The Swedish one draws me in by giving me more of an idea what it is about, the English edition is kinda like, simple beauty. I like it, and the text intrigues me as well!

  2. I own the English 2005 edition cover! And I like it the best, along with the Swedish road trip one! :D The swedish road trip cover also captures the rawest part of the story. Hope you enjoy the book... Looking for Alaska is one of my favourites! :D Best of John Green's.

  3. Ahhhh. UK ... US ... both look so classic. I LOVE the UK cover's font!

  4. OMG that Italian cover is creepy! That doll looks like it's going to kill us all and eat our brains with worcestershire sauce.

    I like the UK cover the best I think.


  5. I totally concur on the Italian doll cover. I was scrolling down and actually flinched when I saw it. Whoa!

    I kind of like new US paperback with the face, because I think it does capture the enigma of Alaska. About the original US hardback, the photo is great but the type is a little lacking.

    Love Foreign Fridays!

  6. I like the US and UK covers best. Though I think I prefer the UK cover overall.


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