Book Review: There You'll Find Me by Jenny B. Jones

There You'll Find Me by Jenny B. Jones
Publisher: Thomas Nelson
Format: eGalley (courtesy of Netgalley)
Genre: Contemporary Romance, YA, Christian Fiction
Publication Date: 10.04.2011
In a small cottage house in rural Ireland, Finley is forced to face a past she can't outrun.

When Finley books her trip to the "Emerald Isle" as a foreign exchange student, she hopes to create a new identity and get some answers from God. After all, since her brother's recent death, God seems to have forgotten she even exists.

Now all she wants to do is let her heart heal, see the sights in her brother's favorite country, and work on her college audition piece for a prestigious music conservatory. She plans to use her brother's journal from his time in Ireland as her guide, yet from the moment she boards the plane and sits next to Beckett Rush, teen star of the hottest vampire flicks, nothing goes according to her well-ordered plan.

The peace and beauty of the Irish village are no match for the chaos that soon becomes her life. When she gets roped into working as Beckett Rush's personal assistant, she finds this famous wild child is not quite what he seems. And as she grows closer to the mysterious actor, her own secrets refuse to stay put.

As things begin to unravel, Finley takes desperate measures to control her own life and fill the empty spaces her brother left behind. When it all comes crashing down, Finley must discover how to give her past to God . . . if there's to be any hope in her future.

“This is Ireland, Finley. It's rough. It's wild. And it is holy.”
-Beckett, There You'll Find Me by Jenny B. Jones
The number one sign that I'm liking what I'm reading: tears. They don't make an appearance for just any book. Though I may experience a vast array of emotions while reading a book, my tear ducts don't give it up very easily. Needless to say, I cried while reading this book. More than one time (gasp!). And most of the time they were tears of joy and satisfaction--an even rarer reading experience. I usually only cry when bad things happen--favorite characters dying, or lovers breaking up--the usual. But THIS. This one brought out the tears, and in such a sweet way.

I initially put the book down a few chapters in, because I was sure I would like it. I didn't like the main character, and what I had seen so far made me think it was the setup to a flimsy and predictable plot. I just wasn't very into reading it. It wasn't until a week later when I couldn't sleep, that I decided it was time to finish the story. From then on, I saw characteristics I hadn't seen before, and I realized there was more to the MC as well. The story develops into a deeply moving plot having to do with relationships, self-worth, control, and spiritual well-being.

This book is good for the soul.

With a beautiful setting, and the clever situations the characters find themselves in, I fell hard for this book. There are quite a few cliches present--the typical mean girl character being on of them--but there are also different character traits and storytelling techniques the author uses, that gave a new spin on a not-so-new plot. For instance: I love the fact that both characters are famous, that they both understand each other so much it infuriates them, and that spiritual faith played such a great part in the story.

You've probably already guessed it, but yes, there are Christian themes in this book. They are central to the plot, but rather than feeling preachy and overdone, they feel very light and ethereal. The few parts that are a little more heavy on the Christian themes are perfectly placed, and so admirable.

Again: this book is good for the soul. You will feel different after reading it. Maybe it won't change your life, but it will make you feel something beautiful.

Read this if:
...you believe in God, and you like beautiful landscapes, celebrity characters, and deeply moving plots.

Fever Symptoms:
Crying, loss of sleep, increased heart rate, and sudden bursts of sound.

Content Warning
Clean read!

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  1. I was the same way. I was crying throughout the book, especially when she would talk about her brother who died. Great review!

  2. Yes, those parts! And towards the end, with her and Beckett...I was bawling so much. Lol.

  3. I'm not into religion being part of the storyline which is why I have passed this one up time and time again. I will have to look into it now that I know the themes are not the main focus of the book.

    Thanks for the great review. :)

  4. oh my goodness!! I had my review set for tomorrow but I have to move it down to Thursday, but I will totally link it to you when it's posted BECAUSE (im not trying to get traffic to my blog :p) they are 100% alike! I totally got until chapter 3 and out the book down thinking it was way to cliche but I decided to give it another go & yaaay! It's a 5 star read for me. I'm not a crier either but I teared up more then once with this book. Tears of joy + sadness. Man it was AMAZING and I'm so happy to see you liked it as much as me. Yaaay to us<3 Finely & Beckett definitely grow on me and I would be lying if I didn't say this book made me think about my life differently. Great review:D

    Racquel @ The Book Barbies
    -thank you&come again.

  5. Alexa: I hope I didn't mislead you, but I just wanted to say that the religious themes are central to the plot...they just didn't feel too heavy or overdone. Hope you still read it though! It's a great book. :)

    Racquel: Aw, thank you! I'm so glad you liked it as well. It was soooo good! :) I'll be sure to check out your review.


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