Waiting on Wednesday: The Girls of No Return

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This week, I am eagerly waiting on:

The Girls of No Return by Erin Saldin
Publisher: Arthur A. Levine Books
Genre: Contemporary, Young Adult
Publication Date: 02.28.2012
CUT meets HATCHET in this lacerating debut about girls, knives, and redemption.

The Frank Church River of No Return Wilderness Area stretches across two million acres in northern Idaho. In its heart sits the Alice Marshall School, where fifty teenage girls come to escape their histories and themselves.

Lida Wallace has tried to negate herself in every way possible. At Alice Marshall, she meets Elsa Boone, a fierce native Idahoan; Jules, who seems too healthy to belong at the school; and Gia Longchamps, whose glamour entrances the entire camp. As the girls prepare for a wilderness trek, Lida is both thrilled and terrified to be chosen as Gia's friend. But everyone has their secrets--their "Things" they try to protect; and when those come out, the knives do as well.

THE GIRLS OF NO RETURN is a bold and powerful debut.

This sounds like a dark and complex contemporary. One review I read mentioned that the author shows she isn't afraid to tackle hard subjects...which are exactly what I love to read about. I'm really excited for this one!

What are you waiting on?


  1. sounds like something refreshing and new!!! going on my TBR list for when I get stuck in a book rut :) check out what I'm waiting for this week @ My Pathway to Books http://tessmw.blogspot.com/2011/11/waiting-on-wednesday-vex.html

  2. I like the sounds of this book! The cover looks like something's going to happen soon. Great choice! Thank you for sharing!

    Books For All Seasons

  3. Definitely sounds a little dark and scary. I can't wait to start hearing some of the reviews of it.

    My WoW this week

  4. Tess: Good plan! Hope you enjoy it.

    Wendy: I'm so jealous! I'll be watching for your review. :)

    Lindsay: Cool! I'll be right over.

    Sam: Yeah, the cover even looks cool, doesn't it? Thanks for stopping by!

    Barbara: Me neither! Thanks for your comment.

  5. the cut on the title reminds me of Shatter Me :P sounds really good. Awesome pick!

    Here's my WoW pick
    Jay @ We Fancy Books

  6. Interesting. Sounds like it has a mystery nestled in it.

  7. Cool choice! This one sounds very interesting I'll need to keep sn eye out for it. Thanks for sharing!

    Here's mine: http://www.thebookishbabes.blogspot.com/2011/11/waiting-on-wednesday_29.html

  8. oh wwo I've never heard of this one before! It sounds amazing!!

    Xpresso Reads

  9. Covers creepy and you're right...it looks very dark and complex!

    Feel free to check out my WOW
    Krazyyme @ Young Readers

  10. I had never heard of this book before, but now I REALLy want to read it. Great choice!
    My WOW
    A Beautiful Madness

  11. I just snagged an ARC of this yesterday. I had never heard of it before!

  12. This definitely sounds like the kind of contemporary that I would enjoy, and I hadn't heard of it. I'll have to put it on my list. :)

    Happy Wednesday!
    Jessi @ Reading in the Corner

  13. a very creepy sounding read, great pick.


  14. This definitely sounds interesting! I'm in need of more YA contemporary, so I'm adding it to my TBR! Thanks for bringing it to my attention! Great pick!
    Courtney @ Fuzzy.Coffee.Books

  15. This sounds really good. I'm trying to read more contemporary and think I will have to add this to my list for next year!

    The Cait Files

  16. This is my WoW too. It sounds really good. I just found out about it and immediately added it to my TBR list.

  17. Jay: Now that you mention it, it sort of does!

    Juju: It definitely does, and my curiosity has gotten the best of me. :)

    Grace: Thanks for stopping by.

    Andrea: Great! Thanks for commenting!

    Giselle: Doesn't it? I really like the sound of it.

    Crazyyme: Thanks for stopping by!

    Em: Yes! Another one who wants to read it. It just sounds so cool, yes? :)

    BackwardsStory: Aw, I'm so jealous! Hope you love it.

    Jessi: Glad I could help! Hope you enjoy it.

    TributeBooksMama: Thanks for your comment!

    Courtney: Anytime! Enjoy!

    Cait: Definitely. It sounds like the kind of contemporary that is perfect for paranormal/fantasy lovers.

    Actin' Up: Great minds! I'll be over to check yours out. :)

  18. Ooo, a brand new book on my radar. I've never heard of this one before now. The cover looks so... lonely. The point maybe...?

    - Asher (from Paranormal Indulgence)


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