Ghost Hunter Giveaway Winner!

We did it! We really did it! Adrian has vanished from my blog, and things are blissfully in order again. He did leave behind another note along with a mess for me to clean up, although he's gone, so I don't mind.

I couldn't have done it without all of you. Really, I couldn't have.


Of course, there was a prize that went along with your generous help, and I am here to award that. I wish that I could give everyone a prize, but there can only be two winners.

The winner of her choice of 2 books (from this selection), is:


The winner of the swag pack is:

Congratulations, ladies! 

I'll be sending you both emails soon. Be sure to respond within 48 hours to claim your prizes!

For everyone else who entered, I do have a cute little badge to give you for all of your help:

An Official Ghost Hunter badge!
It's small, and no, you don't have to link it back to my blog (although you are more than welcome to). 
Take it if you want; you've more than earned it! :)


A few of the answers to the extra entry question:

What was your favorite costume your wore for Halloween?

Kristen said:
"My favorite halloween costume was when I was Silk Spectre from the Watchmen comic book. A lot of people knew who I was so it was pretty awesome."

"We do not really celebrate Halloween right here in Norway, but I did dress up as a cute devil when I was little." :)

Lori said:
"My fav costume is probably the Arwen costume I made a few years ago. It's the blue and red velvet dress she's wearing in the second movie while reading a book in Rivendale."
(Love this! LOTR fanatic, right here!)

Dovile said:
"We don't celebrate Halloween over here in Lithuania, so I've never worn a Halloween costume, but I 'd like to dress up as a vampire someday."

Did I mention how many of these answers I got? I forgot Halloween is a huge American holiday, and not very big in other countries. If you don't celebrate Halloween, thanks for answering anyway!

Viven said:
"I had a lot of fun being the Red Queen. I had a flamingo purse!"


I almost forgot! 

For those of you who were wondering where Adrain was hiding, it is time to let the secrets out.

The clue was: 
"Find the right words, then click and drag."

After looking around my blog, you would have found these words (only smaller):
When you click them and drag the picture to the side, Adrian is revealed. Voila!
It's easier to see him against a dark background like the one he made when he came, but you can probably see it now if you look hard enough. He had different sayings each week, and moved around a lot, but ended up staying in the sidebar for the last half of October.

Congrats to those who found him! For those who didn't: thanks so much for trying!


  1. that note looks divine. i would absolutely be delighted to receive a note nicely written like that :D hehe

  2. Thanks, Arianne! I admit that I'm sort of delighted, too. If only it weren't from such a pesky ghost....

    Thanks for stopping by!


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