Foreign Cover Friday: The Eyre Affair

Foreign Cover Friday is a weekly meme hosted by me (The Reading Fever), where foreign covers of the books we know and love are spotlighted and discussed. To join, either pick your favorite foreign cover, or pick many foreign covers, and start discussing! 

This week's featured cover is:

The Eyre Affair by Jasper Fforde
English language hardcover & paperback (US)
Both of these covers give you an idea of what this book is about, but I think the little picture in the hardcover (left) shows what happens really well, with the man stepping into the book, and the clock on the other page.
The paperback cover (right) is the one I own, I like the concept of the book being a door to somewhere else.

English language paperback & hardcovers (UK) 
I just love the paperback cover on the top; with the car smashing though the picture. It's been way too long since I've read this, so I don't remember what the car has to do with the story, but this is a cover that is interesting and appealing.
I don't like the two red hardcover covers, but I do like the dodo bird riding a scooter. :)

Czech & Dutch languages
 I like this Czech language cover even more than the US paperback cover because without all the words, it's so clean.
I really like this Dutch language cover. The shaped cutout in the book, and the shadow reaching out from it makes it look interesting and a bit mysterious.

Czech translation: Trouble Eyre
Dutch Translation: The Case of Jane Eyre

French language hardcover & paperback
Please tell me I am not the only one laughing at this French language hardcover. At first, I thought it looked like something put together quickly and without care, and then I actually read the can's label. So, SO funny! If you've read this book, you'll see the significance of the dodo bird.
The paperback cover is another one like the ones above, but I really like the font used.

French translation: The Eyre Affair

German language hardcover & paperback
I'm not into this hardcover on the left at all. It just doesn't appeal to me, and I think it looks boring.
The paperback cover on the right, however, looks fun. I like the detail in the background, and the little dodo bird sitting on the author's name.

German translation: The Eyre Affair

Italian & Polish languages
Okay, so the car definitely has importance since this Italian cover is the third time it's been featured in one of these covers; I just wish I could remember what it was! I don't really like this cover, but I can see how it would appeal to others. It looks very Mary Poppins-ish to me, and doesn't feel like the book.
I love this Polish language cover; it features some of the characters and most importantly: that bird! ;)

Italian translation: The Case of Jane Eyre
Polish translation: Abduction of Jane E.

Portuguese language
This one is pretty cool. There are people and things popping out of a book. It looks like an adventure. Definitely.

Portuguese translation: The Case of Jane Eyre

Russian language hardcover & paperback
Love the artistry of this Russian language cover on the left, but it reminds me of a fantasy/sci-fi with a she-warrior about to kill some pink flowers. Not the book I have in mind.
The cover on the right is another variation of the ones above, and I like it just as much.

Russian Translation: Jen Thing or Lack of Pity Air (Foreign Fiction)

Spanish & Thai languages
I'm laughing. Again. I don't know why it's so funny, but I am laughing every time I see that dodo bird. Nothing else about this cover peaks my interest.
This Thai language cover is so cool! I like the door lock (although why is it inside the book?), the girl's shadow on the other page, and the orange color scheme that makes it look shiny.

Spanish translation: The Case of Jane Eyre
Thai translation: The Mission Literary Agent Jane Air

What are your thoughts? 
Which covers do you like? Which do you hate?

Thanks for joining me for Foreign Cover Friday! 

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  1. I think I love the book/key cover. Especially the Russian one.

  2. I like the German paperback version!

  3. I'm totally laughing over the idea of canned dodo!

    Agreed that, while the Russian cover is gorgeous, it gives off the wrong feel to the book. The Dutch one is pretty neat, too.


  4. Juju: I like that Russian cover too; it's the vintage look it has.

    Roxy: Doesn't it look so fun? Thanks for stopping by.

    Lori: Yes! Glad to know I'm not the only one. So creative. :)

  5. I like the Czech cover and the Russian paperback because it is clean (like you said) but also because the book is front and center.

  6. Alexis: YES. That too! On the English (US) cover, everything is fighting for attention. But on those two, the book is the main focus and everything looks better.


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