The Book I Am Most Thankful For

Author Beth Revis is having a giveaway where she asked entrants to post about the book we are most thankful for. It got me thinking about the book I am most thankful for, and since I didn't have a review ready for today, I decided to post about my book.

My first thought was to write about The Hunger Games series, by Suzanne Collins. If you follow this blog, or follow me on Twitter, it's not hard to tell that I'm pretty obsessed. I have a deep connection with those books; one I can hardly explain in coherent terms or complete sentences. I love them, and everything they stand for. 

...but if I'm being honest, the real book I am most thankful for, is the one that started this whole reading obsession. 

I was an occasional reader while in elementary school. I plowed through the Little House on the Prairie series, read a few in the Dear America series, and a couple by Gail Carson Levine; but the moment I got into Junior High, that all stopped. I didn't read. I wasn't a reader. I did not pick up books. Even after reading (and loving) LOTR, and after the three pregnancy books I read after high school, I still wasn't a reader. 

Then one day at work, a co-worker started talking about a book she had read, and wanted me to read. The next day she brought it to work and handed it to me, saying that I just had to read it. She told me it was about vampires--but they were different vampires--and that I'd love them.

Three days--and many prompts--later I finally gave in and began reading the book about sparkly, vegetarian, vampires.

And so began an obsession that has yet to end. 

Twilight, by Stephenie Meyer, showed me the perks of reading that I hadn't seen before. It showed me a place I can escape to; a place I can let my imagination loose. It showed me that not all books were full of long, descriptive sentences, big words, and deeper-than-I-care-to-think crap (although, these are now the types of books I prefer; go figure). I wanted to read more books after reading it. I wanted to see what else there was out there for me to discover. I wanted to love a book again like I loved Twilight. 

I have since loved, liked, and hated, many other books. I am a reader; an avid reader!

Thanks for introducing me to the bookish world, Twilight.

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  1. Twilight introduced me to YA land. I love it. I too am grateful for Twilight.

  2. It's so awesome how many people have been introduced (or re-introduced) to YA and even to reading because of Twilight. Actually it's almost mind boggling to me because I keep hearing that same story over and over again. Even if for that reason alone I think Twilight is completely awesome (but okay it's not the only reason because I had a mad crush on Jacob Black for a couple of years).

  3. Twilight introduced me to reading too. In fact, I did a guest post about it over at Alison Can Read today. Such a coincidence! :)

  4. Juju: Yay, another Twilight influence-ee! (Totally made up that word). :)

    Ashley: I've noticed that, too. There are so many people out there who got into reading because of Twilight; so many. I would venture to say that an entire generation was influenced by it. It's so cool. Oh, and I'm totally a Jacob Black fan, too! Bella can have Edward; I want Jacob! ;)

    Jenni: What a coincidence! I'm going to go check it out. :)

  5. Whilst I dislike Twilight, I'm so, so grateful to it! It's encouraged so many people to read, and it's re-popularised the flagging paranormal genre (and the YA fiction too!) and that's something I'm so happy has happened!!

    The Cait Files

  6. I was always a big reader, but Twilight definitely helped me find my niche! Which is why it was also my choice :)

    Check it out here!

  7. Thank goodness there are still twilight fans out there! Online I only ever read the negativity behind the series and it bothers me so much! Even though I do enjoy the movies, I first and foremost have always LOVED the books! Even though they may ot be that greatly written (as many people like to mention), I personally absolutely 100% love the story! I love all the books pretty much equally, even New Moon. I reread them at least once a year, especially right before the movies come in theaters.

    They are truly amazing stories, that got a lot of people into reading! Even though I read a lot before I read the series, I do think The Twilight Saga changed me quite a bit, especially on my reading choices. :)


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