Verona Trilogy Winner!

The winner of my Verona Trilogy giveaway is:

Kayla Merritt!

Congratulations, Kayla!
 I'll be sending you an email soon, so keep an eye out for it.

And here are the answers I got for the following extra entry question:

If you could go back to any time period in history, which would it be?

Sablelexi chose: Disney World on opening day.

The Girl on Fire chose: The 1940's.

Gayle chose: Regency-era England "a la Jane Austen."

Bibliophile chose: The early 1900's or 1700's.

Samantha35 chose: The Tudor era.

Lisa Richards chose: The 1890's, in Western US.

As for myself, I would go back to 18th century Scotland. I'd probably hate myself for wishing that if it ever came true (I'm a true girl of the 21st century), but the fantasy lives on, unhindered, in my head.

Thank you to everyone who entered!

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