Life-Or-Death: A Game Puck Likes To Play

Hi readers! I'm entering into Julie Kagawa's awesome contest to win a signed ARC of The Iron Knight!

To enter, we are are asked to post (G-rated only) about the perfect day with either Ash, or Puck. Since I respect Meghan, I won't step on her toes (as much as I love Ash, he's all yours Meghan!). Instead, my perfect day will be with Puck! 
Here goes:

The perfect day with Puck would begin with me telling him that I need some adventure in my life. He would offer to take me to a "great place he knows" in some mountainous region of the Wildwood, where there is a secret entrance to an abandoned dragon's lair. I would accept, only after Puck has assured me that it is completely safe, and that the dragon had left "hundreds of years ago." We would arrive at the lair and Puck would brazenly enter, talking about the last time he had visited, and leading me through the dark tunnels. 

After a while, Puck's curiosity would get the better of him after spotting a tunnel that he doesn't remember. A gleam would shine in his eyes before he would take off running down the tunnel shouting, and laughing as his echo bounces back to him. I would run after him out of fear of being alone--I'm a chicken, you see. After about ten seconds, we would hear a deep, resounding rumble, at which point Puck would say: "Oops." I would begin to panic and Puck would simply smile and yell: "Run!"

I won't bore (or should I say, excite?) you with the details, but let me assure you that the rest of the day would be spent avoiding death in a fashion only Puck could manage to pull off.

What would your perfect day be like?
See the post and get more information on Julie's blog!


  1. Lol, that does sound like Puck. ;) Love it, and thanks for entering. :D

  2. Julie: I'm glad you like it! Thanks for stopping by!

    Juju: Me too! :) I totally want to win. And I agree; it was such a great contest idea!


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