Betrayed and Ember Winners!

The winner of the ebook of Betrayed by Ednah Walters is:

And this is embarrassing, but I completely forgot to announce who the winner of the ebook of Ember by Carol Oates was. She's already received her prize, but here is the official announcement. The winner was:

Congratulations, ladies! 
Mindy, I'll be sending you an email soon, so keep your eye out for it. 

Thanks to everyone who entered! Here are the answers I got from the extra entry question: 

If you were a demon hunter, what would be your weapon of choice?

"I'd say my weapon of choice would have to be a gun with silver bullets. Silver seems to effect many supernatural creatures. LoL"

Maidenveil said:
"sword! maybe a blessed one or something mytical. i like it old school."

Angel said:
"I'd choose the kriss dagger because as it said in the first book it can destroy the omnis? Actually I forgot the word but if that dagger can destroy something from the demon, I'll pick it to be my weapon."

Meredith said:
"I'd be happy with whatever works. Probably something made or coated in silver."

Diana said:
"I think my weapon of choice would be a gun with fire-bullets."

As for me, my choice (after the Kris dagger, of course) would be a pair of silver daggers. :)

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