Monthly Wrap Up: July 2011

This month was definitely what I would define as: summer. Things got completely crazy, and I found myself having to choose between having a life, posting on this blog, and reading the books I wanted to read. Believe me: it was a hard decision. Sometimes I like to pretend that books are my life, and I don't need anything else. Not good for someone who wants to keep their friends! Lol.

To top things off, July was my birthday month! I spent an amazing night out with my friends, had lunch with my sister, and watched a movie with friends and one with my son. And when I got home, I received a few bookish gifts (including a 10 layer cake from my brother, that I read about in a book, and another cake made by my friend to look like a book)...all serving to remind me that maybe books are my life...and other people know this, too. :)

I did manage to squeeze in some amazing books this month. I loved almost all of the books I read, so I consider it a great month of reading. Now if I could just get all of my reviews written, things would be 10x easier....

Waiting on Wednesday

Foreign Cover Friday

This month I participated in the Top YA Bachelors Month over at Down the Rabbit Hole. I represented Ash from The Iron Fey. The winners of all categories have been announced, and Ash made it into the Top 5 Overall Favorite Bachelors! See the post to find out who else won.

I also participated in the Secret Summer Santa Book Exchange hosted by Ruby's Reads, and got two fantastic books!

Writing Certified Fresh Fantasy: guest post by Michael D. Young
 A Day in the Life of an Author: guest post by Angela Henry


  1. Sounds like a fun summer thus far! And that YA Bachelors event looked like a ton of fun!


  2. Juju: Lol. Just a fun idea. :)

    Lori: It was! I had a great time participating. :)


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