The Day Before by Lisa Schroeder

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The Day Before by Lisa Schroeder
Publisher: Simon Pulse
Format: eGalley (courtesy of Simon & Schuster GalleyGrab)
Genre: Contemporary, Young Adult
Publication Date: 6.28.2011
Amber’s life is spinning out of control. All she wants is to turn up the volume on her iPod until all of the demands of family and friends fade away. So she sneaks off to the beach to spend a day by herself.
Then Amber meets Cade. Their attraction is instant, and Amber can tell he’s also looking for an escape. Together they decide to share a perfect day: no pasts, no fears, no regrets.

The more time that Amber spends with Cade, the more she’s drawn to him. And the more she’s troubled by his darkness. Because Cade’s not just living in the now—he’s living each moment like it’s his last.
I was surprised when I opened this book and found myself faced with chapters written in verse. I've never read a book like this before, so I wasn't sure what I would think of it all. In the end, I was surprised by how much I liked that it was written in verse. I thought that you couldn't possibly tell an entire story with so few words, but I was wrong. Schroeder was able to convey such deep emotion in these pages by choosing her words carefully and using clever placement. It is beautiful writing, and there are many passages that really spoke to me.

Hidden, there,
behind the face of a beautiful boy,
I see you

The real you.

The you who flips a coin,
hoping to understand
how fate works:
this choice or that choice,
ultimately leaving you
no choice at all.
- Lisa Schroeder, The Day Before
(Quoted from an uncorrected galley)

The characters are each dealing with rough issues in their lives and when they meet, these issues play a huge role in their relationship, allowing them to have a sort of understanding. The issues they face are ones that I haven't come across in my reading before. I would say something about them, but that would ruin half the book for you. Let me just say that I was completely surprised at each of the revelations, and every one of my guesses was wrong. They are very unique circumstances, making the story that much more interesting.

A few things didn't click for me, though, and I have to admit that I wasn't ever able to get emotionally invested in both characters. I didn't feel like I knew Cade well enough to sympathize with him, and I wasn't completely sold on the love story. I am usually able to accept insta-love enough to be okay with it, but for some reason I wasn't able to with this book...even despite the beautiful verses about it. After a certain point I didn't buy it, which made it hard when the big emotional passages came along. I did really like the way it ended, though. :)

The chapters are short since it is all written in verse, making it a very quick read. Overall, The Day Before has a unique story line with beautiful writing and some very clever parts that make it worth reading.

Read this if:
...you love the written word, you see the beauty in writing, and you want to experience a love story in a different way.

Content Warning
*This section may contain some spoilers about content!*
Highlight between the brackets to reveal the text.
{Mild swearing (including religious names) and some sweet kissing scenes.}


  1. Oh, how I envy you! I've always wanted to try books by Lisa Schroeder but haven't yet get the chance. The only books in verse that I've read before were those by Ellen Hopkins. Admittedly, it is pretty difficult to thoroughly feel the characters at first but it surely gets better once I start reading more books in this format. Listening to the books instead of just reading also make load of difference too!

    Anyways, thanks for the review. Really cannot wait for the release of this book =)

  2. Thanks for the tip! I'll keep that in mind. I haven't tried any of Ellen Hopkins' books, but they are on my list. I've heard they are just fantastic.

  3. “The Day Before” by Lisa Schroeder is really amazing book! It captures life changing situations for a teenage girl and boy. Hope to read others work by Lisa Schroeder!

  4. I thought reading books like this will be boring or something, but when I started reading and fall in the characters, I realized that I’m starting not just to like it but I fell in love with the book.


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