May 2011 Monthly Wrap Up

From now on I will be doing a monthly wrap up post on the last day of each month. I think this will be a fun way to recap everything that goes on here at The Reading Fever.

This month, I took on a lot of review books; almost more than I could handle. As a result I ended up reading like crazy, and finished the month actually having reviewed some of June's books, and even getting a few non-review books in, too. I also had time to re-read The Hunger Games series for fun, which was like the shining red cherry on top.

This month I participated in the Utah Author Month, and Armchair BEA.
Sadly, my participation in Utah Author Month was a complete fail, since I only read one book (Possession) by a Utah Author. Yeah, yeah, I can hear you booing all the way over here. I didn't get the books I wanted from the library, and then nothing else seemed to fall into place. I do plan to keep promoting Utah authors, though, by reading and reviewing their amazing books.

Armchair BEA was a fantastic success, though. I had a great time participating and met lots of amazing new bloggers.

Armchair BEA Posts:

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