Foreign Cover Friday: The Iron Fey

Foreign Cover Friday is a weekly meme hosted by me (The Reading Fever), where foreign covers of the books we know and love are spotlighted and discussed. To join, either pick your favorite foreign cover, or pick many foreign covers, and start discussing! 

This week's featured covers are:

The Iron King, and The Iron Daughter by Julie Kagawa

While I like these covers a lot, I think the third book (The Iron Queen) is my favorite of the US covers. That said, I like all of them. I'm a huge fan of swirls, vines, and color.

I only have three foreign covers to show, mainly because they are the only covers I could find that didn't have the same layout with a different name. I'm getting tired of that, and figured you--my lovely readers--are too. The only one I will show that is like this is the French cover of The Iron King, because I lurve it:

The font is different; softer. I love how the swirls come up from the word 'princesse.' Plus, I feel like everything looks better in French. ;)
Translation: The Cursed Princess.

These two German covers are hugely different from the US cover, but I think they are super cool! I love the feather eyelashes and the bright colors. Super geeky moment: I envy the makeup artist who put these looks together. Feather lashes are in, and it's a style I like! 

The cover above is The Iron King, titled Suddenly Fey: Summer Night in German, and the one below (the one I'm in LoVe with) is The Iron Daughter, titled Suddenly Fey: Winter Night
*Sigh* Those titles are bringing good memories of the books back.

What are your thoughts? 
Which covers do you like? Which do you hate?

Thanks for joining me for Foreign Cover Friday! 
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  1. Those foreign covers are GORGEOUS. I like them ten thousand times better than the US versions.

  2. J'adore la couverture avec "princesse"! I also love the German one with the feathered lashes, how creative! Thanks for featuring these. Your site is so cool. I'm glad I discovered you :)


  3. Yay!
    I find myself looking forward to this feature every Friday.
    I'm with you on the French.
    The font is lovely.
    And while I usually love the German covers, I don't get these.
    Great post as always.
    Happy weekend.

  4. PS I added your button to the bottom of my page.

  5. The German covers are way prettier than the other covers. I want them!

  6. Alissa: I agree! While I love the US covers, I love the German covers even more.

    Bisi: Look at you, making me brush up on my French skills! :) Good thing I remember some French from school. I love that cover, too, with the soft font and swirly letters. Thanks for stopping by!

    Juju: So good to hear you look forward to this! :) And yes, the German covers aren't for everybody. Totally understand.
    P.S. Thanks for adding my button! I'm on my way over to check it out. :)

    Lissa: Agreed! I totally want a copy of them...if only I could speak German. :(

  7. I really don't like the German covers. They are just a bit too weird to me.

  8. I haven't read them but can I just say wow to the German covers they totally rock. The US version is nice but wow the German may just be my fav covers ever.

  9. Alexis: Understandable. I love them, but they are definitely not for everybody. Thanks for stopping by! :)

    Jessica: I totally agree! They are pretty cool.


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