The Post I Forgot to Do

I am just now realizing that I never posted on our trip! I've been getting questions about how it went, so I figure this post is very overdue.

We had such an amazing week in Florida. It was so nice to relax and let go of all the doctor appointments and real-world responsibilities for a while. For some of us (my son and his cousin, who got to come with us) the trip was dream come true, and watching their excitement and smiles was MY dream come true.

We all had our favorite parts of the week, but we all agreed that the day we went to the beach was one of the top moments of the entire trip. :)

I didn't get much reading done. Actually, I didn't get ANY reading done, despite the fact that I brought some awesome ARCs with me. I just enjoyed the time with my family instead. So now that I'm home, I have some major catching up to do. I finished two books this weekend, and am working on the rest. Expect reviews again starting on Monday.

In other news: I just started working again (delaying the dream of becoming a photographer yet again), and will be on a changing schedule at work. I am determined not to let this interrupt my reading, though.

I also want to say: thank you so much for all of your well-wishes, and welcome backs! You guys are the greatest! :)

If anyone is interested in following the updates, I am posting a trip report on my son's medical blog Mase's Tumor Tales

And by the way, it was also my first time back at a beach in 15 years! I'm home and finding myself feeling very landlocked....

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  1. Yay! Pics! So glad you're back, enjoyed your family time, and are working. *high five*


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