Foreign Cover Friday: Graceling

Foreign Cover Friday is a weekly feature on The Reading Fever, where I spotlight foreign covers of the books we know and love. Want to know how it got started? Read this post.

I am so excited that there are people who want to join in this meme! Feel free to join in and add your link below. Whether you feature one, two, three, or more foreign covers, it's all game! 

This week's featured cover is:

Graceling by Kristin Cashore

I love this cover. LOVE IT! It is so pretty and shiny (my copy gives a nice sheen when light touches it), and the eye reflecting in the dagger has a lot to do with the book. This a book that I picked up off the counter because of its cover, and already knew I would love it without having read anything.
Now let's see some foreign covers!

These three covers are from Catalan, The Czech Republic, and Taiwan (the reprinted version).
They are pretty much just variations of the US cover, but I like the different uses of color. My favorite is the middle one, which (when not viewed by the other covers that make the color look different) has a very pretty green-ish hue to it.
The Czech title translated to English means: Exceptionally, which I am taking to mean Exceptional.

Here we have the German cover, and the German large print cover, both titles of which translate into: The Gifted. I guess, if you have read the book, the hair could have meaning, but it's kind of a stretch. They don't really have very much to do with the book, but I think they are gorgeous. I love that the girls' thick hair is featured, especially coupled with the swirly flower pattern (I know there's a name for it, but I can't think of it right now).

This is where it got a little confusing during my search. From everything I found, the left cover is used as the UK, Australia, New Zealand, and French adult additions, while the right one is used as the UK, Australia, and New Zealand young adult editions. I'm not sure if that's completely correct, although I didn't find anything that said otherwise. Is anyone able to confirm this? I would really appreciate it! :)
I do really like the photo, though, and I think it works well with the book.
BTW, the UK/AU/NZ cover for Fire (the companion to Graceling) is GORGEOUS!

Two more variations. The left is pretty similar to the covers above, but it is the Dutch cover. The title translates into The Gift of Katsa (the name of the main character). I like the font used in this cover, and love that the picture is off center. It is definitely my favorite of the foreign covers.
The cover on the left is the UK large print edition. I'm not a fan of the photo, but the sky looks cool.

I'm grouping these together, since they are the covers I like the least.
The left cover, which is the original cover from Taiwan is actually very pretty. I love the mixed colors, and the girl's flowing hair. It doesn't work for me though because she looks like a elf, which completely changes the tone of the book for me.
In the middle we have the Finnish cover. While I like the font, I don't like the picture. It looks too much like the cover of a computer game.
The cover on the right is the Portuguese cover. The words under the title translate to: The Gift of Katsa. The drawing is so beautiful, I hate to say that it makes me think of The Ring when I look at it. Scary!

Lastly, we have the Danish cover on the left, and the French young adult cover on the right.
I dont' know what the big words on the Danish cover translate to; it didn't make sense when I tried to translate it. The words under the title on the French cover mean: Gift of Katsa.
I really like the Danish cover. It is different from all the others, but it goes with the story very well. I'm not sure about how much I like the French cover, though. It could actually be the cover of The Golden Compass by Phillip Pullman, if you think about it. ;)

What are your thoughts?
Which cover do you like? Which do you hate?
How do you think they compare with the US cover?

Thanks for joining me for another Foreign cover Friday! If you have a Foreign Cover Friday post to share, be sure to include your link below. :)


  1. wow so many covers. I actually like them all. But the German covers look the best in my opinion but I haven't read the book.

  2. "From everything I found, the left cover is used as the UK, Australia, New Zealand, and French adult additions, while the right one is used as the UK, Australia, and New Zealand young adult editions."
    Hi, I'm from England, and I picked up this book in the Young Adult section of the bookstore. It was right next to Twilight and other YA staples. It had the cover on the right. I didn't see the book available in the general adult fantasy section of the bookstore, only the Young Adult.

  3. Wow, I didn't know there were so many translations! O.O I got the UK adult version...

    Nickey @ The Book Shop Assistant

  4. Holy cow, I didn't realize there were that many covers for Graceling! I'm a huge fan of the UK cover - and dorkily I bought that version of the book even though I live across the pond :)

    I chuckled at "The Ring" cover - it's totally true!

  5. I SO have to start playing along. I love this feature. I think I prefer the German covers.

  6. Alexis: I swear it's that hair that's so appealing about the German covers! Am I right? :)

    Lisa: Interesting! I'll have to do some more research, and see where that cover is really from, then. Thanks for your input!

    Nickey: I had no idea, either! It amazes me how many there are, not just of this book, but of alot of other books out there. It just goes to show that power of reading! :)

    The Epic Rat: This made me laugh so hard!! I love that you bought the UK version. I really like it, too!

    Juju: Yes, please do! I would love for you to join in!

  7. I'm a Norwegian and I don't recognize the big word on the danish cover either. It has something with "talent" in it. Maybe it's the danish translation of those that are graced? I think the one who translated the book made up the word Talentian. It is very close to "talented".

  8. ReadingOwl: Interesting. I wondered why Google translate couldn't translate it, and now I know. Thanks for the info!


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