Sebastian and the Afterlife by William J. Barry

Sebastian and the Afterlife by William J. Barry
Publisher: The Writer's Coffee Shop Publishing House
Format: ebook (courtesy of The Writer's Coffeshop Publishing House)
Genre: Supernatural, Young Adult
Publication Date: 2.23.11
Sebastian awakes to find himself in a mystical realm somewhere between the living and the dead. Unspeakable dangers lurk in this realm. The Grim Reaper and his loyal agents work to maintain the law, as the threat of soul pirates (the wicked harvesters of spirit energy) has been on the rise. The infamous leader of the pirates, Axis Red, has a treacherous plan to take over the realm and set himself as the supreme authority.

While Sebastian and his new-found friends learn to cope with the wonders and perils of this strange spirit realm, Sebastian finds himself longing for his lost love Sarah, who is still alive in the mortal world. Some things are forbidden; some lines cannot be crossed. What will Sebastian risk to be close to her again? Join them on the journey of a lifetime and beyond!

Sebastian and the Afterlife has a very interesting concept. It deals with those who pass away, who still have unfinished business in the mortal world. When they pass on, their spirit leads them to places of learning in a realm between the mortal world and the afterlife that is controlled by the Grim Reaper, where they learn the skills necessary to fulfill their unfinished business in the mortal world and move on the the afterlife. But, as the descriptions says, there are those in the realm who are trying to take it over, and are making it a dangerous place to be.

The realm itself is an interesting place, and I like the imagination that went into it; the powers, the places, the way everything works, and how the spirits function (not to mention the Agents; I may have to book-ish crush on one of them). It's perfect for those who like reading supernatural stories.

As far as the characters, I did have a hard time keeping track of names, especially since everyone who was introduced was given a name, description, and sometimes even a back story, whether they were a key character, or someone who was only mentioned once or twice. Aside from that, I liked the main character, Sebastian. We are shown what a toll his death has been on those who knew him, and his quest to find peace with leaving his girlfriend Sarah behind, is sweet, and just a little heartbreaking. I also really liked Onyx, who is a smart, strong-willed girl, and brought a lot into the story.

Overall, Sebastian and the Afterlife was an entertaining book. It shows a different view of what happens when we die, and given the danger the characters face, it was fun to guess what would come next. Reading about a realm where the Grim Reaper is not only in charge, but is good, went against everything I've ever thought of the guy. But I liked it. :)

Read this if:
...you like solving puzzles, you side with the good guys, and you want a taste of the afterlife.

Content Warning:
Clean read!


  1. I always side with the good guy ;)
    Great review!

  2. Not sure why but I've always liked the name Sebastian. Oddly enough though it brings to mind two things....either a cute/hunky/classy guy ...or a little red animated crab (ala The Little Mermaid). Go figure. ^_^ As for this book, sounds interesting. The Grim Reaper as a good guy? Huh...can't say I've seen that before. May have to add it to the wish list. Thanks for sharing...and happy reading!

  3. that is an interesting concept, the grim reaper the good guy. sound like a good read. Thanks for your review.

  4. Juju: Thank you!

    GMR: Hahaha, I always think of the crab when I hear that name. Go figure. :) I hope you read the book! :)

    Irene: Thanks for visiting!


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