Head on over here to see my interview by author Kimberly Sabatini! 

It's actually been up since this morning, but my mind isn't working today, and I totally forgot to link to it. It's pretty cool though (if I do say so myself), so go see the interview and then check out the rest of Kimberly's blog. 

Her book, Touching the Surface, will be published in 2012 by Simon Pulse.


  1. Penelope-thanks so much for taking the time to do an interview. I think you are an amazing mom and blogger. I'm so looking forward to watching you grow and succeed in everything you do. Love to your little one. You know I'll be keeping an eye on you. ;o)


  2. Hi Penelope. I read your interview at Kim's blog and came to see it for myself. I love your book picks and the set up of the blog in general. Looking forward to reading more.

  3. Kimberly: Thank you! I had a great time going the interview with you.

    Juju: Awesome!

    S. Mozer: Thanks for stopping by! I'm glad to hear you like the set up. :)


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