Breathless Reads Tour: Salt Lake City, Utah

Yesterday was the SLC, Utah stop of the Breathless Reads Tour, something I have been anticipating for weeks! My friends and I went and had such a great time. The tour featured five authors: Ally Condie, author of Matched (who is from Utah!!); Beth Revis, author of Across the Universe; Andrea Cremer, author of Nightshade; Kirsten Miller, author of The Eternal Ones; Brenna Yovanoff, author of The Replacement
It was awesome!

I chose to take a little tiny camera, instead of lugging around my DSLR, which ended up being a mistake. Every picture I tried to take of the authors ended up all blurry, like this:

...but I did get a video of each author introducing her book, and giving her own description of it, which is below. I was trying to get a better picture, so I missed Ally Condie's introduction at the beginning, but what I missed is where introduced herself, saying: "Hi, my name is Ally Condie, and I wrote Matched." Then a little intro about her book, which is set in the future, where the Society controls everything, even who you marry.

Some interesting thoughts/answers from the Q&A session:
Andrea Cremer responded to a question by saying that character names are really important to her, and in her books all the names have significance. In Nightshade, all of the Nightshade pack have names of English origin, because that's where the pack originates, and the Bane pack is all French names. I thought that was very interesting, and I love how much thought she puts into her character's names.

Beth Revis answered a question, saying (half-jokingly) that as a teacher, when she had a student in class that got on her nerves a lot, she would make that student a character in her book, and kill him/her off. She says it is now a competition to see who can get into her books. ;)

It was interesting for me to see how different each of the authors were. They all had different personalities, different answers to each question, but you could tell that they all had such a passion for their books, and for writing, in general.

I was very impressed with Kirsten Miller. Her responses to questions were very thought-provoking, and it made me way excited to read The Eternal Ones!

After the Q&A, we were called up by letter (which was on our tickets) to the signing line. I got autographs on my books, my ticket, and each author's matching bookmarks. ♥  I was also able to get a picture with Beth Revis (Across the Universe) and Andrea Cremer (Nightshade)! I didn't ask the questions I had, because I have this complex where I can't ask people questions. Strange, I know. But at least I asked for a picture....

And that's it! I just want to say "thanks," to these five wonderful authors for visiting my home state on tour!

1.) Read Beth Revis' post about her experience in SLC. It's very cool. 
2.) Also, apparently Colleen Houck, author of Tiger's Curse, was there and I didn't even know it!!
3.)See the books:

What do all these books have in common? LOVE!! Don't forget to look for the phrase/word/quote in this post. The giveaway starts tonight at midnight!!


  1. Wow, that must have been fabulous. I would have loved to go. thanks for sharing.

  2. OMG how cool is that!
    I'm amazed how many great writers are from Utah.
    That mountain air must be therapeutic.
    Thanks for sharing your awesome pictures!

  3. Elie: It was! I had such a great time. Thanks for stopping by!

    Juju: I am too! In fact, I was just reading about it a few days ago, and there are tons of authors from Utah! LOL. Gotta love this mountain air! :)

  4. Penelope, your video was awesome, thanks so much for sharing it! I went to the one in NYC, but it was so crowded, I couldn't really hear the ladies speak. Looks like you had a great time! :)

  5. Love this post!!! I actually want to read every single book of the 5 (I've already read 2 of the 5 and really liked the both! and since they're all paired together the others must be good too!) Thanks for posting!!!

  6. Genna: I'm so glad you liked it! Sorry to hear about the crowding in NYC. They are definitely popular authors!

    Sarah: Thank you! I have read 3 so far (Across the Universe, Nightshade, and Matched), and they were great. I'm working on getting the other two read soon!


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