Star of the Morning, by Lynn Kurland

I'm posting some older book reviews I have written, just to get this blog started. When I'm done reading a few books, I'll start posting some brand spankin' new reviews. 

Written Jan 3rd, 2009
This story begins with Adhémar, King of Neroche, and his magic sword. His magical powers - the ones that help keep the evil lurking in the Northern borders at bay - have left him and his sword. In an effort to save the kingdom and find an answer to why his powers have left him, he goes in search of someone who can wield the Sword of Angesand and use its magic powers for the good of the Kingdom.

Enter Morgan; a highly trained mercenary who hates magic in all forms and sees no purpose for it. When she is sent on a mission, carrying and protecting the one thing she despises most, she encounters people and situations that will change her life.

--There is so much more to the story, but I don't want to give too much away. I really liked the book. I think it was very well put together, and it captured my attention completely. I gave it only three stars, because I fell as if the book lacked a proper ending. It had a beginning, and middle. Unfortunately, it seemed to me as if the book ended in the middle. 

Fortunately, there are two more books to read, so I cannot wait to get to those. Already read!

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Lynn Kurland's website

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