The Iron Daughter, by Julie Kagawa

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Written July 7th, 2010

Picking up where the The Iron King (book 1) left off, Meghan goes with Ash back to the Winter court, as promised. Once they get there, however, Ash makes it clear to her that he wants nothing to do with her. Now alone, and as Queen Mab's captive, she's heartbroken. Until she finds out the truth...about everybody.

Ash, Meghan, and Puck make a reluctant team in search of a valuable item that was stolen from the Winter court. With the Summer court blamed for the item's disappearance, they must find it before both courts go to war.

My Thoughts:
This book picks up where the last one left off: Meghan goes with Ash back to the Winter court, as promised. And yes, you read the synopsis right...she's deserted! But do read on, because it only gets better.

This book was definitely better than the first book. In the first book, Ash's attraction to Meghan seems to come from nowhere. In this book, however, his actions are all true to character and the drama unfolds as he once again becomes the icy prince we all know and love. Seeing him in his natural element was definitely interesting, and helped to build his character.

Meghan also grew as a character in this book, and I think Julie Kagawa definitely brought out some major characterization skills with her. She seemed to grow a little more mature, and able to handle things.

So, was it good? Overall, this was definitely a great read. Although I liked the first book, I honestly loved this one. There are less swear words, more characterization, more drama, more adventure, and a good ending.They make unlikely alliances, and find out a good share of dirty little secrets. My kind of book. :)

These two books could stand on their own, but I'd LOVE to see if there will be a third book coming out.

Oh, and in case you're wondering.....TEAM ASH!! 

(I was able to read the book courtesy of Harlequin, via NetGalley)

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  1. The story of The Iron King is super, with a high-spirited, honorable heroine. Yet once again we're forced to consider the bad with the good. What I wouldn't do for a well-written book with clean content that I could recommend without hesitation to my own kids!

    Marlene Detierro (Medevac)


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